Bailey’s Doorbell Camera Captures Violent Crime Scene

Breaking News: Surveillance HD Cameras Caught Armed Robbery Outside Man’s Apartment

Georgia – Daiyaan Bailey was traumatized when he realized his doorbell camera has captured an armed robbery right outside his apartment.

Bailey’s doorbell camera captures a violent crime scene. Bailey was heading back home when he received a notification on his cellphone from his security system that said “Loitering notification”.

Bailey didn’t paid much attention to it thinking his mom dropped by his apartment activated the camera, but he was wrong when he reached home and found a disturbing discovery.

He said, “I saw drugs and keys outside on the floor.”

Bailey couldn’t imagine how they wound up in his apartment breezeway. No one lives in the unit across the way. He studied his surveillance video and made a shocking discovery. There was a big robbery right in front of his door. The surveillance camera captured a man being robbed at gunpoint. Bailey called the police.

Tips To Keep  Home Protected

Georgia is a densely populated state and robberies are pretty common these days. Here are some tips for you to prevent a robbery:

  • Installing video surveillance cameras will keep your home protected from unwanted
  • Burglars prefer to hit easy targets. Make sure you show them you have got yourself protected. Put security cameras symbol on the house door or window so they know that someone is always watching them.

No matter whether your house is located in a crowded area or a lonely street, make sure you have the best home security system in Atlanta. A glass break sensor will keep your home protected.

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