Armed Robbery

Breaking News: Uptick in Armed Robberies in Northeast Texas

Texas – This Sunday morning, robbers invaded a home, threatened victims at gunpoint and tied them up with a tape, informed the police.

Police say this is one of the major home invasion robberies in Bexar County. There have been two more incidents like this. Robbers used duct tapes to tie up their victims in all these incidents.

According to the police, these three incidents seem connected. They come under planned robbery attempts.

Cops are investigating robbery victims to find the suspects, who are still on the loose. Read the full news.

11 Ways to Stay Safe from Robberies

Here are 11 ways to stay safe from different crimes in your area:

 Secure Your Home Entry Points

  • Use a gate viewer, a peephole or a modern smart doorbell camera at your entry door.
  • Demand identification from your visitors who you know not at all.
  • Always lock your home before leaving. Use door alarm sensors for security purpose.
  • Don’t hide your home keys outside anywhere. Instead, use keyless entry door locks.

Secure Your Exterior

  • Use interior and exterior lightening 24-hours. If you don’t want to keep your lights on, use smart bulbs.
  • Hide boxes with expensive purchases inside your home. Don’t put them outside.
  • Don’t give personal information about your home to strangers. Use the internet safely.
  • Call the police if you see a rubber band on your door, which is a trick to unlock doors.

Secure Your Interior

  • Install a home security system and arm it before you leave home or go to sleep.
  • Keep your cash and other expensive items in a secure heavy safe. Mount a modern security camera above it for surveillance protection.
  • Purchase a real-time monitoring system to assure you stay safe during emergencies.

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