Victims Of Home Intrusion Asked Judge To Keep Invader In Jail

Breaking News: Victims Of Home Intrusion Asked Judge To Keep Invader In Jail

Tampa, Florida – Five roomies who survived through a violent home assault and break-in told a judge on Tuesday about the traumatic nightmare.

Each of the five roommates remembered the scary situation when attacked by suspect Cleveland East.

East the suspect, who they well thought of a friend is 18 years old. He wants the judge to lessen his bond so he can get out of jail before trial. The five sufferers are struggling to keep him behind bars. Endia Kirkland is one of the victims. He explained, “Honestly, I’m just worried about my security these were individuals who we thought were our friends and if you could be our friends and do this to us that just demonstrates the kind of person you are.”

Robert Reboes is Endia’s roomie. He said he recalls Cleveland East and his partner breaking into their home, going to every room and robbing them at gunpoint.

Reboes also said they were looking for mobile phones. After listening to all the evidence, the judge decided to keep the culprit’s bond the same to the relief of the group.

How To Escape An Armed Robbery

A burglary takes place every 18 seconds in the USA. That adds up to around 200 per hour and 4800 per day. Here are some preventive measures to keep safe from break-ins:

Don’t Attract Robbers

Keep your bicycles, barbecues and lawn mowers out of sight. Keep the garden shed and the garage doors locked. Use blinds to cover your basement windows.

Lock When Out

Make use of keyless entry technology with smart door locks. If your keys are misplaced or stolen, change the door locks immediately. Install door sensors for entry and exit doors

Exterior Safety

Get smart lights outside your house. They can be controlled remotely. Keep your trees, hedging and plants maintained so that they can’t be used as a hideout. Install home security cameras on your entrance door.

Use Home Security Systems

For complete home security and protection, install the best home monitoring system at home. Arm your home monitoring alarm system. Teach your family members to use the alarm system properly to evade any false alarms.

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