Crime Alert: Burglar Steals & Sets Clothes on Fire

Texas – Police arrests man charged with arson and burglary, in a Pflugerville home.

County Sheriff booked Jason Ovalle, 32 into jail early Monday morning. Police was chasing him for two days.

Police department informed press that Ovalle invaded an apartment in North Heatherwilde Boulevard.  On July 21, Ovalle entered home when it was empty to steal electrical appliances.

He burned a pile of garments that belonged with the homeowners. Read full report.

4 Ways to Burglar-proof Your Home

Police reports show that there are about 2 million burglaries every day in America. Reports show every thirteen seconds there is an invasion. This is quite a concerning thing if you are a homeowner, renter or share your apartment with others.

You would never want this to happen to you or anyone you love. Follow these steps to prevent burglars from entering your home:

1. Get a Doorbell Camera

Police say many burglars enter through your main door. A doorbell camera has built-in camera and an intercom system. It is connected with your smartphone that enables you to answer anyone standing at your doorstep.

2. Get a Motion Detector

As a novel and high tech security device, motion detectors make sure your home is free from any suspicious movement and activity. Installing them near your open spaces and other sensitive places ensure security of that area. Modern motion detectors are pet friendly which keep you away from false alarms.

3. Place Door Sensors

Door sensors are used to ensure security of your entry points. The security products detect locking and unlocking process. If any suspected unlocking is made at any given time, it triggers the intruder alarm. You then get a message on your smartphone about it.

4. Arm Your Home Security Systems in Texas

Arming your Texas homes with a home security systems help improve security and safety of your home and loved ones. 9 out of 10 burglars  informed police that they avoid homes equipped with modern home security systems.

Wireless home security systems are portable, easy to use and can work even if there is no power. They offer 24 hour monitoring without delay. Contact us for more details about modern home security systems.

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