Burglars Caught Picking up Stuff While Homeowners Away

NC Burglars Caught on Camera on Memorial Day

North Carolina – On Memorial Day, two burglars entered a Sanford home, NC, when the homeowners were away. They got caught on surveillance camera.

The Lee County Sheriff uploaded their video on social media to request public help arrest them. They are in their 20s, police told.

In the video, one of the home invaders can be seen standing in the kitchen with a rifle and the other collects items in a hurry. The two leave quickly in their getaway vehicle.

Police has detained Diandre N McLean, 24 from Sanford with his car, while the other is still on the run. Mclean is charged with four crimes: breaking, entering, larceny and holding stolen items. For more details, read full report.

4 Tips to Keep Your Home Secure From Burglars

1. Keep Doors and Windows Locked

Make it difficult for burglars to enter your home. Lock all the entry/exit points before leaving for work and going to bed at night. Integrate modern keyless entry locks at home that are more reliable and user-friendly.

2. Lit Up Your Home Entry Points

Lit up your home particularly the entry points so that it becomes difficult for burglars to hide. Smart bulbs and smart plugs are some good energy products which can be operated using a smartphone. They can turn on/off your lights, giving the impression that there is someone home already and might be watching.

3. Purchase a Home Security Alarm System

Based on advanced technology, home security systems protect you against burglaries 24/7, even when you are away from home. Certified home security monitoring professionals provide real time monitoring and dispatch local first responders in case of emergencies.

4. Install a Surveillance Camera

Surveillance cameras play a vital role in providing evidence in crime cases. They also help in getting a hold on the culprits to a great extent. Think about an indoor and outdoor home security camera that can track every movement around your premises. Get one today and live a peaceful life.

Stay safe!

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