Caretaker Charged Against Robbery Durham

News Alert: Caregiver and Her Boyfriend Robs Elderly Couple, NC

North Carolina – Caregiver and her boyfriend takes advantage of the elderly immobilized homeowners in Durham.

29-year-old Emily A. Worst is accused of stealing goods and cash from different homeowners with her boyfriend, Cruz Conway, 24. The couple has past criminal records and have been charged as well.

Police informed Ms. Worst was hired as a caregiver in March to an old immobilized couple in NC. She robbed their cash and belongings gradually.

Worst along with her boyfriend stole towels, cash and many things from the elderly homeowners. She also used the couple’s credit cards from April to June for shopping. She made bump key to drive the homeowner’s car without permission. Conway is also accused of using stolen credit cards.

Worst and her boyfriend are booked into Durham jail in North Carolina. Read details.

Safety Tips for Elderly Homeowners

It is extremely unfortunate that burglars, robbers and other criminal minded people don’t even care about the elderly. Seniors in many cases, are exploited by their caregivers and other employees.

Many old couples face this problem particularly those who live alone in their retirement homes. Don’t make yourself a sitting duck, take serious precautionary measures to stay safe and secure at your home.

Follow the given tips if you are a senior citizen or a young homeowner with old parents and grandparents at home:

1.      Request the Best Home Security System for You

Police recommends to use intruder alarms at home. Home security systems are the best solutions to secure your home and property. As an old homeowner, you can’t watch out for everything at home. You can’t probe your caregiver and other employees for everything.

They may or may not be responsible for any theft. So, it is always better to request the best home alarm system for your home instead of putting blame on others for stealing.

2.      Wear the Medical Alert Button

Wearing a panic button helps you to be prepared for danger. As an old citizen, it is always the best idea to wear the panic button around your neck or on your wrist, to call for instant help. You just push the button for a few seconds to activate the emergency alarm.

3.      Never Forget About Video Surveillance Cameras

Indoor video surveillance cameras prove to be highly beneficial to keep you protected 24×7. They are also great to keep an eye on your caregivers and other home visitors. With mobile access, you can get notifications about any suspected activity at home, review it and call police anytime you need them.

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