Orlando cops looking for shooter

Breaking News: Mysterious Homicide Baffles Police, FL

Florida – Orlando cops are looking for a shooter who shot people living in an apartment besides the Washington Shores.

According to police, a tenant scared homeowners living at the Boca Club apartments, by opening fire at a man around 1:30 a.m. this Sunday.

Police found a victim lying lifeless with a gunfire wound to his head when they arrived at the crime scene. It is a homicide and suspect is on the run.

The murder victim is a young man, aged between 15 to 25 years, while other details about him couldn’t be discovered yet.

Investigators are seeking for public help and support to solve this fatal crime. Read more.

3 Simple Steps to Stay Safe from a Homicide Attempt

Unfortunately homicides, murders, robberies, home invasion and other property crimes are on the rise all over the world. You can’t feel completely secure at home unless you take some solid steps for your personal and family safety.

Here are some steps that can help you stay safe from a homicide and other such crimes:

1. Buy the Best Home Security System

Buying the best home security system can help you keep safe from such criminals. The high tech devices used by latest home security alarm systems make sure your home and family is protected round the clock. These home alarm devices are usually installed at most vulnerable spots, both indoors/outdoors, of your home including: front doors, windows, backyard, driveway, sitting rooms and rooftop etc. Any suspected entry at these places gives a mobile alert to you as well as triggers the intruder alarm, to make sure help is on its way.

2. Install Video Surveillance Cameras

Installing video surveillance cameras help save you from break-in threats and attempts. Home security cameras inside and outside your house deter criminals from your home and surroundings. Many convicted criminals agreed they avoid houses and places where video surveillance cameras record movements.

Try to buy both indoor and outdoor home security cameras with maximum video resolution in HD and pro features for excellent results.

3. Purchase Modern Motion Detectors

Modern motion detectors help notice each motion around your place for home and family security. Based on latest PIR technology, modern motion detectors are more reliable and trusted than traditional motion sensors. They are pet friendly as well, which means they don’t trigger false alarms caused by your pets. Now your pets can come home indoors and move freely anywhere.

Motion detectors can be fixed at selective positions of your home, including: entrance, driveway, pool area, backyard or main hallway etc.

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