Rattle Snake

Crime of the Week: Neighbor Sends Deadly Snake as Revenge

TEXAS: Shocking home crime that made headlines in Texas this week shows how important is to secure your home and family.

Neighbor releases a deadly snake into the adjoining home in Caldwell County over a trivial dispute, says police. The two neighbors had an argument in June which was escalated when one of the neighbors, Ryan F Sauter, 39, brought the most dangerous rattlesnake for killing his neighbor next door. He removed the snake’s rattle with his own mouth to stop it from making noise.

Neighbors and investigators call it a botched case. Read full story for more details.

Tips to Keep an Eye on Your Surroundings

Arguments with your neighbors are usual. Street fights and bad neighborhood is also normal across the world. This can become a serious problem if your neighborhood tries to take your life.

Follow these tips to prevent fights with your neighbors and keep an eye on them in worse case scenarios:

1. Install an Home Security Cameras

Install an outdoor home security camera so that you can keep track of your neighborhood. Note what they are up to and be careful. Latest video surveillance cameras offer you mobile access that allows you to keep check on your surroundings, using your smartphone. This means your smart device can help you go anywhere without stressing over your neighbors.

2. Don’t allow Home Entry without Permission

Never allow a dubious person, be it your neighbor or anyone else to enter your home without your permission. To make sure this happens, you can install a doorbell camera so that you can check who is at the door from your cell phone. Install it at your entry point so that it can’t allow anyone enter easily without your notice.

3. Avoid Prolonged Arguments with your Neighbors

Never get into trouble with your neighbors. You have to live together and messing up with your bad neighbors can make life difficult for you. They know about your in/out timings, daily routine, family and all, which they can use against you. To prevent yourself from any harm, get the best home security system for your life and home security.

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