Atlanta's Most Wanted Criminals

Crime & Safety: Atlanta’s Most Wanted & How to Ensure Your Safety

Atlanta police have shared a list of the ‘Most Wanted’ criminals with the public. These criminals are wanted for different types of charges including homicide, assault, and home invasion robbery. If you know any of these listed criminals, do let the Atlanta Police Department know.

Before sharing the list, let us see the overall rate of crime in Atlanta, Georgia.

Crime Rate in Atlanta

According to the reports, compared to the other cities of the country, Atlanta has a higher crime rate. Major crimes in Atlanta include robberies, assaults, murders, burglaries, rapes, arsons and thefts. In 2016, 111 citizens were murdered, 136 victims were raped, 2,070 were robbed, 4,411 were burgled and 2,804 were assaulted.

Police say there are 1,760 registered sex offenders in Atlanta as of Nov, 2018.

Atlanta’s Most Wanted Fugitives

    • For Armed Robbery
      • Dexter Neal
      • Deangela Leaks
      • Rufus Hurst
    • For Aggravated Assault
      • Robert Duke
      • Jeriod Mathis
      • Fleming Little
      • Trevor Montford
    • For Murder Charges
      • Syranard Eugene Watson
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How can you Prevent Crimes Living in Atlanta, Georgia

Crime prevention is the only solution to stay safe in Atlanta, GA. Here are some tips for you:

For Your Home

  • Don’t allow a stranger to enter your house.
  • Don’t share a lot of personal details with someone you just met, online or offline.
  • Before going out, have your keys ready. Make sure you lock the door. You can install the smart door locks that are automatic. Smart door locks are keyless door locks, they can be locked within 30 seconds of your departure or you can also lock or unlock them using your smartphone.
  • Install HD video surveillance cameras on all sides of your property. Make all delivery persons and visitors use the video doorbell camera.
  • When writing your name on a mailbox (or in public), use the last name only.
  • Deter criminals using the smart home alarm system in Atlanta, Georgia. A home security system will monitor your house 24/7 and offer quick emergency help when needed.

For Neighborhood

  • At night, avoid leaving your house alone. Prefer the well-lit areas for any outdoor activity such as walking.
  • While walking, always be confident about the route. If you have forgotten it, don’t panic. Show that you know the way.
  • If you think someone is chasing you, change your route or enter a well-lit restaurant or store. If the person is still there, inform the police.
  • Avoid standing or going to the deserted parts of your neighborhood.
  • Keep your bag/wallet/purse to your front side. Don’t show off your money or precious possessions in public.
  • Encourage all your neighbors to use smart lights outside their houses.
  • Use outdoor Mobile video security cameras for active monitoring.

For Safety against Robbers

  • Don’t argue with an armed robber.
  • Give up your possession if he asks you. It is better than losing life or getting hurt.
  • Try to notice maximum details about the robber such as his vehicle number, body type and facial features. This will help the police to arrest the culprit.
  • If you are in your house, make sure to push the personal panic button/keychain fob for emergency assistance.

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