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Security Alert: Dangerous Gangster Captured near Corpus Christi, TX

Texas – Police arrested the Portland home invasion suspect who was on the run. Authorities held him near Corpus Christi recently.

According to authorities, the suspect’s name is Seth Wolf, who is a dangerous gangster and is always armed and brutal. He is charged with a number of felonies including home intrusion robbery.

On 31st July, Wolf invaded a home belonged with a woman. First, he tried to tie her up, then he noticed her car keys and insisted her to drop him to Corpus Christi. However, realizing cops were already around, Wolf ran away. Read more.

How to Prevent a Break-in

Each minute, at least 5 homes are invaded by gangsters and other criminals, according to police. Most of the homes are invaded during daytime hours and property loss is worth billions due to such crimes. Take these steps to keep your home and property protected:

  1. Be Watchful

    Keep yourself safe and watch out for danger. To do that, use home security camera systems. Surveillance cameras play a vital role in home protection. Police sources revealed that many criminals avoid homes they realize have active surveillance cameras in place.

  2. Keep Yours Doors Closed

    Keep your doors closed and well locked. 63% of criminals attempt to break-in from your front door in order to enter. Place a door sensor at your front door so that it can be monitored 24/7. Also, keep your windows locked and protected against burglars. Install a glass break sensor for this purpose and live a worry free life.

  3. Get 24-Hour Monitoring

    24-hour monitoring of your home via high tech home security devices and professional teams help to make sure you and your family stays protected. A research shows that you are 3 times more protected if you are equipped with home security systems.

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