Deadly Revenge Of A Couple

Deadly Revenge: A Couple in Texas Sets a House on Fire

Texas – A couple in Texas County set a house on fire to take revenge from a man, informs the County prosecutor.

Dominique Hood and Bobby Cross have arson charges, according to the authorities. They burned a house in Eunice in result of a fight with the homeowner. Hood claims the home is burned to teach the resident a lesson as the homeowner ‘had been messing with his wife and the fire was to set an example.’

Criminal Couple bond for $250,000 by the judge.

Home Fire Prevention & Safety Tips

Be Careful

Be very careful while you cook. According to a report, 70 percent of home fires are kitchen fires. Don’t put flammable objects near your stove.

Heating Equipment

Heating equipment and electric appliances can also cause a fire if not used properly. Turn off your space heaters before you sleep. Don’t throw electric cords here and there in the house. And be alert while using other heating appliances at home.

Install Smoke Alarms

One of the must-haves at your home is the smoke detector. Use these devices at all levels of your home. They keep you protected against house fires. To increase the range of your smoke detector, you can install the firefighter device along with them.

Install a home security system to ensure that you get first aid assistance, right on time. Alarm systems include home security and safety devices for your home and life’s safety.

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