Do Burglars and Impostors Return to Homes They’ve Invaded, and Why?

A survey report, conducted in North Caroline showed 78% of residents agreed that home invasion burglary is one of the most traumatic events for them. This increases insecurity which is a great mental torture indeed. But an important concern to be addressed here is that people think impostors and burglars never return, but the fact is, they actually do. In Crime Science Journal, 33% of all burglaries in US homes are repeat home invasions. Make sure you are safe from a repeat burglary in North Carolina.

Here are some major causes of a repeat burglary and its prevention tips:

  1. They Find it Easy

    According to a report, repeat burglaries happen because intruders find it easy to enter already invaded homes and steal things again, but with a better plan the 2nd time. In other words, they find your home an easy target as they already know the vulnerable areas. Police suggests buying a security alarm system to potential victims in such cases.

  2. For the Valuables Left

    If a burglar or an impostor gets to know your home area and the equipment you have at home, they would keep coming back. This usually happens when homeowners are either casual about their valuables. Elderly homeowners living alone, or empty homes, are an easy prey in this case. To make sure burglars and criminals never come back, once they get to know about your secret places and belongings, simply install security alarm cameras everywhere around your home. Modern cameras keep you connected and allow you to monitor your home, even if you’re not there. Show that you are home even if you are miles away by using smart devices for this purpose.

  3. They Take Advantage

    Some burglars try to take advantage of your perception. Somehow, they get the idea that you wouldn’t be expecting for another home invasion again any soon, as they might know you would not be ready. But, in order to prevent it from happening again, think about protecting yourself with a monitored home security alarm system in NC. Install door sensors on your entrance doors, so that all door entries can be monitored.

  4. High Crime Rate

    If you are living at a place with high crime rate, you are more vulnerable to experience repeated burglary then. Be very careful and make sure your loved ones are well protected with a security alarm system. Get a motion detector, for instance, to detect suspicious movements indoors, while your system is armed.

  5. Homes that are Inviting

    Some home interiors offer open invitation to burglars and impostors. Open windows, unarmed security systems, and easy to access rooftops are some common examples. Make sure your home is not an easy target for criminals. Arm your territories and watch out for yourself. Stay safe!

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