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7 Advantages of Installing a Smart Doorbell Camera at Home

34% burglars enter through your main door, according to a police report. Other criminals who intend to use violence also prefer forceful entry. Moreover, 24% impostors/con artists try to knock at your door first, before presenting their proposal to you. Police therefore, recommends everyone to make sure their front doors are locked and well protected. Don’t open door to anyone unless you are sure. Use a smart video doorbell camera for this purpose.

Doorbell cameras are packaged in home security systems. They are considered important for the security of home and property owners. The latest doorbell cameras offer live videos that can be viewed from any laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet.

Here are some of the advantages of modern smart doorbell camera that you should know:

1. Added Protection

Doorbell cameras allow homeowners to check videos of visitors and talk to them while sitting inside home. It is a personal safety measure just to reassure no unwanted visitor, guest or stranger can get in.

2. Keep It Hidden

It is a highly beneficial device for home and personal protection due to many reasons. With a doorbell camera, you can see the visitor at your door, but the person cannot see you. He does not even have the slightest hint where you are, thus ensuring your personal security.

3. Real-Time Video Clips

The best thing about a doorbell camera is you can watch video clip of the visitor from your smartphone. It is more efficient than the ordinary camera used for security purposes and it offers dual functions. It is a doorbell as well as a proper camera connected with your smartphone. With full color night vision feature, you can watch out clearly even in darkness, fog or bad weather conditions.

4. Talk on the Go

With two-way voice communication, you can talk with your visitor through the cell phone even on the go. Inform your guests about your arrival time, direct your repairman where to go or show a stranger that you are at home, even if you are not.

5. Pretend You are Home

Many times, you need to go out of city for work or recreation. Leaving your home unoccupied is not recommended by police. Since this increase risks of home invasion. Having a smart video doorbell camera at home enables you to show that you are home, even if it is not true. Answer any visitor from your smartphone. Tell them that you are busy and would like to see them after some days.

6. Store Video Clips for Future Use

Your doorbell camera videos allow homeowners to review the recorded videos whenever required. This way it reduces risks of any missing package, important visitor or guest. It also helps you keep check in on who comes frequently and unnecessarily at their door.

7. Additional Convenience

The camera allows parents to go for grocery or work and leave their teens and tweens home alone, without worrying about how their children would handle visitors at door. They can do it using their smartphone devices from a distance.

Thanks to latest technology, doorbell cameras are a great facility for homeowners and families. Smart doorbells help to protect them as well as save their valuable time for seeing unwanted visitors at home.

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