Smart Doorbell Camera

Doorbell Camera: Why is it a Revolutionary Home Security Product

Back when home security and automation was a big deal and was regarded as a novelty product rather than a necessity, we had intercom systems to identify the person at the door prior to entertaining them. However, even when the intercoms were perhaps considered to be a highly advanced item, they still left a lot to be desired in terms of providing fool-proof security of the entrance. With that said, the modern smart technology has made things a lot easier and much better for the homeowners and led to the creation of the wonderful device known as doorbell camera.

Doorbell camera, is basically a successor to the intercom device. However, it bears mentioning that the doorbell camera is hundreds of thousands of miles ahead of its predecessor in terms of technology and utility. With its distinctive features, the smart doorbell camera can easily help a person assure the security of their home entrance with utmost convenience. Following are some of the important features that have revolutionized the home security:

  • Smart Device Connectivity – One of the beauties of smart devices lies in their ability to connect with and control other compatible device. Thanks to the research and development going on to cater the security concerns, the smart doorbell camera has been given the capability to connect and be controlled through the smart devices from anywhere in the country. This includes being able to review the live video footage of the activities taking place in front of the entrance way.
  • Two-Way Communication – Smart doorbell camera allows the homeowners to not only see the activity in front of the entrance way, but also communicate with the people that are standing at the door. This feature has the benefits such as the ability to communicate with the familiar people. For example, you can let a guest from your social circle know that you’re out of the house and when you’ll be back, or instruct the mail-man regarding where to place the mail, or warn a burglar or a porch pirate through the speaker if they are attempting to break-in to your home or steal your mail.
  • Real-Time Video Footage – The doorbell camera, with internet connectivity, has the capability of providing a live high-quality video footage to the homeowners anywhere in the country. You can instantly recognize the person standing in front of the door, even in the dark, thanks to the featured night-vision technology. In case of a suspicious activity or figure appearing in front of the door, you can notify the authorities in real-time to get a quick reaction.

Smart doorbell camera is an integral element of you are looking to place the best home security system to protect your house, as a smart doorbell camera alone does almost 70% of the job of warning you about or protecting you from the external security threats. With the rising home invasion crimes, it is advisable for all homeowners to install a smart home security & automation system at home to protect their beloved home and family from all dangers and perpetrators.

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