Double Murder Home Invasion Case

PA Security Alert: Double Murder Home Invasion Criminal Sentenced to Death

Death warrant issued to man involved in double-murder home invasion case, PA

Pennsylvania – York County jury issued death warrant to Paul Henry III, 41, for shooting Fonday Cheeks, 31 and Daniella Taylor, 26 in their Fawn Township home back in 2016.

Henry III and his wife Veronique Henry, 32, both were charged for this double-murder home invasion. But the wife committed suicide in prison, blaming her husband for the killings. The couple invaded victims’ home for buying illegal drugs, Veronique informed police during investigation.

The investigators, however, revealed he “deliberately and purposefully” burst into the Fawn home and held homeowners at gunpoint. Read full report.

Ways to Keep Your Home Safe from Attackers, Robbers and Thieves

It is horrible to imagine your home being intruded by robbers, murderers or attackers. Unfortunately, the fact is every 13 seconds, there is a home invasion reported to the police. You never know what intentions the intruder might have. They burst into homes to harm people just to steal their valuables. Therefore, it is always better to take solid steps to keep away from such situations. A little prevention is better than cure.

1. Stay Away from Strangers and dubious friends

Stay away from strangers or people who you feel have dubious character. They can be your neighbors, new friends or even social media stalkers. Beware while posting your personal details on social media. Modern burglars do use this tool for making their invasion plans.

2. Call Police in case of any strange activity around you

Call your local police immediately in case, you notice any strange activity around your house, neighborhood or surrounding area. Latest home security monitoring services call the police for you if there is a strange activity around you.

3. Keep the Medical Alert Button Handy

Panic button gets you instant help in emergency situations. It is a small wearable device which you can press anytime to call for help. It is one of the most beneficial medical alerts that can even save a life.

4. Buy the Best Home Security System

Home security alarm systems are based on advanced technology. With quality equipment and excellent monitoring 24/7/365, home security services help to protect your home and keep criminals at bay. You get notified for any strange or unwanted movement in or around your home and this way you can deter criminals.

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