House Fire

Electrical Short Causes Home Fire in GA

Georgia – Thursday morning, on August 16, an Albany house caught fire, according to the Albany Fire Department.

Fire erupted from the garage at about 5:00 AM at Gateway Avenue. There was smoke all around and homeowners were able to smell fumes.

The cause of fire was electric shortage in the garage store room, informed Investigator S. Harris. Read more.

5 Electrical Fire Safety Tips

NFPA reports that each year about 34,000 house fires are caused due to electric equipment. Major sources of electric fire are cords, lighting, plugs and improper wiring. NFPA recommends following these tips for safety from electric fire:

  1. Don’t put your electric cords under the carpet.
  2. Avoid using extension cords at your home.
  3. Store your electric equipment properly. They should also be well organized.
  4. Don’t use light bulbs that don’t match voltage limit of your lamps.
  5. You can use a smart bulb that consumes low watts (as low as 9 watts). It is easy to fix and simple to use.
  6. Keep your pets and children away from dangerous areas of your home such as, rooms where you have stored your electric equipment etc.
  7. Use equipment that is offered by home automation systems like smart plugs and smart thermostats. These are considered more reliable than traditional old technology equipment.
  8. As safety of your loved ones is more important than anything else, so use a modern smoke detector for 24/7 monitoring against home fires.

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