National Safety Month, June 2018

14 Ways to Ensure Your Safety this National Safety Month

Accidents can be prevented most of the times. Learn how can you prevent a home accident, this National Safety Month

In US, we observe National Safety Month, every June. Aim of this is to reduce major causes of deaths and injuries at home, community, workplaces, and on roads. National Safety Month brings attention to accidents. It is believed that accidents are not “accidents”. They are preventable.

They usually occur because of our carelessness. And in June, each year, we pledge to be more careful to prevent them. The National Safety Council (NSC) sponsors this event. It is a member of American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

During June, the counsel organizes events to help citizens prevent accidental deaths and injuries. For this, it runs different awareness campaigns about common safety and health rules, indicating major risk factors that could be prevented.

Each week in June is dedicated to a safety topic. Hence, topic from this year’s 23rd to 27th June is “Falls Prevention”.

We are sharing 14 general safety rules here for your home and personal safety:

Clear your staircases, aisles and walkways. There should be no clutter that can cause fall or injury to you or your elderly loved ones.

Clean your home and surroundings. There should be nothing spilled on the floor to cause any injury.

Use handrails in washrooms and stairways for everyone’s safety.

Get repair work done if there are any broken rails, stairways, window glass or door handles. They could cause an injury at home.

Use anti-slip floor mats where required. Walk carefully on slippery surface to avoid falls.

Use shoes that are safe to walk in. Similarly, wear clothes that do not become a cause to any fall, a slip or an injury.

Maintain your home security equipment. Replace their batteries if they’re running out.

Keep toxic items, medicines and products away from children and pets.

Clean up your stove and furnace on regular basis. To prevent your home from fire, use fire detectors and fire fighters.

Use CO sensors to prevent yourself from carbon monoxide excess risks at home.

Install home security systems to get yourself monitored round the clock. A home security alarm system ensures you are well protected and safe from any kind of danger. It not only secures you from burglaries and fire but also helps to prevent medical emergencies.

Keep your vehicles locked and at a safe place. Avoid parking your car at secluded parking lots at night.

Do not drive when you are drunk. And avoid using your smartphone while driving. Police says that half of the road accidents take place due to carelessness of drivers.

Emergency cannot be predicted. Therefore, always keep the panic button It is a small useful home security device that can help you during emergencies and accidents.

Let us all join hands to follow these tips given and share them with friends and family. Happy National Safety Month!


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