Ensuring Home Security Without Breaking Bank

Ensuring Home Security Without Breaking Bank

The criticality of having a smart home security system in place has never been higher with a large number of home invasion crimes and burglaries occuring all across the country. Statistics show that a burglary occurs every 18 seconds in some part of the country. With that said, it is advisable for each and every homeowner across the country to be on guard 24/7 365. But in a fast paced world where you have to be away from home for hours or sometimes even for days, how is that even possible? How to work and monitor your home at the same time? How can you ensure the safety of your home without an arrangement that can cost you an arm and a leg?

Luckily Anyone can optimize their home security by addressing small issues with their home that won’t cost a fortune. Here are some of the home security Measures that all homeowners can take:

  • The acts of burglary and other home invasion crimes can happen any time and without a warning. Some perpetrators are even able to tamper with the door locks in the interest of minimal effort and stealth. The others either kick the doors down or pry them open. Therefore, a homeowner must replace locks and reinforce the door hinges after a certain period of time to ensure safety.


  • Every home has a few structural or technical loop-holes that can be easily exploited. Adding new window locks, smoke alarms etc can allow you to address the said loopholes and be safe.


  • In the interest of staying up to speed in terms of preventive measures, one of the best tactics for outer parameter safety is geofencing through motion sensors. As and if any suspicious activities take place, the alarm is activated, notifying the homeowner as well as the local authorities.


  • Medical emergencies are a very real and pertinent worry of the homeowners with an ailing or an old age resident.  In such cases, One of the essentials for any household is the panic button. In case of any distress, the panic button, if held down for 2 minutes, can set off the alarm and notify the homeowners so as for them to take necessary steps to prevent the problems..


We can all come to a consensus that the ‘DIY’ solutions are cheap, but too strenuous in terms of time and energy. Also, there is always a worry regarding the reliability of the security measures since they have not been done with the expertise of a professional. By getting in touch with Perfect Home Defense, you can rest assured that you shall be treated with the ‘best in class’ customer service, the latest and most advanced smart home security and automation equipment and the best quotes in the market. Some of you might argue that ‘hiring professional help’ is a rather costly affair. You’d be right, however, with Perfect Home Defense, you can get the most reasonable quotes for our services. With the security, quality and cost factors all accounted for, there should be no reason not to opt for Perfect Home Defense to be your smart home security companion.

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