Essentiality Of Home Monitoring During Holiday Season

Essentiality Of Home Monitoring During Holiday Season

With the holiday season being right at our doorsteps, the preparations of festivity have begun in full swing. People are either getting ready to receive guests or travel to their family homes or to a recreational spot to enjoy their holidays to the fullest. One thing common in all of these cases, is the fact that a majority of homes are perhaps going to be vacant. This, as we all know by now, has been the key reason for the rise in burglaries during the holiday season. 

A recent  research by the FBI has unfolded some grim details regarding the burglaries across the US. According to research statistics, only 17% of all homeowners in the entire US have home security systems installed at their homes, as a result of which, the chances of burglary at the unprotected homes are increased by 300%. Also, 35% of burglaries occur in the dark of night with the success rate being alarmingly high. These rates multiply during the holidays as the overall crime rate increases by around 20% each year during the holiday season.

These crimes take place owing to the associated ‘window of opportunity’ for the burglars that comes with the empty neighbourhoods and under-resourced security departments during the holiday season. The second key reason being the absence of monitoring and surveillance equipment. The burglars see the perfect chance to break into a property, commit a crime and leave without being seen or detected by anyone. Having a strong home security company onboard as well as a smart home surveillance system, numerous intrusions and/or disasters can be averted. Here’s what all homeowners ought to do during the holiday season:


  • Door-Bell Camera – Holidays is a time when you shall be receiving not only a lot of guests, but also maybe a few presents. Whether you’re at home or away from home, the doorbell camera can provide you a live video feed to your smartphone app, of the person knocking at your door or any other ongoing activity outside your entrance way. Even if someone is trying to steal your mail, you can warn them through the 2 way communication feature of your doorbell camera.


  • Surveillance Cameras – It’s a given that any home that has home defense equipment, has surveillance cameras. However, some of the cameras are either night-blind or have a less than spectacular video quality. This implies that it is hard for such cameras to capture a moving object, especially in the dark, hence allowing the burglars to get away with their crimes despite the presence of a home security system. With that said, it is important for homeowners to make sure that the cameras have all the favorable features to provide the best quality image of the subject be it in the light or in the dark. A strong surveillance equipment can be your eyes and ears and can keep your home safe even while your away.


  • Motion Detectors – A home security system is incomplete without motion detectors. Even if the cameras are of impeccable quality, there can be a number blindspots where the camera’s vision can’t reach. That is where the motion sensors come into play. Motion detectors with their infrared sensing mechanism can sense suspicious motion and set off the alarm even if its pitch-black. Plus, if coupled with the image sensor, the motion detectors can provide the photo of the moving object as well.


  • Glass-Break Sensors – As the name suggests, the glass break sensor is attached to the window panes in the house. When armed, glass break sensor sets off the alarm if a window glass cracks or breaks completely.


  • Smoke Detectors – We all know how a smoke detector works and its application, however, coupled with the Firefighter, it becomes a completely different device. Firefighter is basically a device integrated within the smoke detector that not only sets off the alarm, but also sends distress signals to the nearest fire department so that they can arrive at the scene in favorable time.


Although having an effective security system in place is paramount, it is also essential to have the best home security company on board. Perfect Home Defense takes great pride in its technical prowess as well as unparalleled work ethics. The company strives to remain at the beck and call of its customers all day long and being the faithful home security companion. Perfect Home Defense also looks to provide the best value to its customers with their holiday offer by providing huge discounts on there services. With this being the most opportune time, the homeowners ought to instantly get in touch with Perfect Home Defense and have their homes be protected, so as to spend the holidays absolutely care free.

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