Long lasting built-in Li-ion batteries in our equipment last about 5 to 10 years.

We confirm every emergency before dispatching respective authorities, with our 2-Way voice touch control panel. This eliminates the possible chances of false alarms.

Our system is pet-friendly. So your pets can roam around within the premises freely.

No, there are no wires attached with any equipment. It is completely wireless.

No, there will be no hidden charges at all. The equipment, activation of system and installation is Free of cost.

No! Most municipal emergency departments have disbanded their monitoring capabilities because of day to day false alarms. Therefore, you will be connected to a professional central Monitoring Station, whose sole job is to handle all of your alarm-related needs, and will dispatch the authorities only if needed.

Yes, our system has a touch-screen keypad with a built in Hi-Fi speaker, which outputs an alarm at 85 decibels. But, we provide an outdoor siren as well which is weather-proof and will cost $4 to your monthly bill.

A glass break detector is capable of detecting high and low frequency sounds associated with shattering glass, upon which it triggers the alarm

Yes! The system is user friendly. It can be armed and disarmed from the panel or even with a remote key fob.

Yes! Most insurance companies offer up to 20% on the homeowner’s insurance policy.

Yes! We have audible devices such as sirens and bells, which are in most cases, “a first line of defense” for deterring burglars. However, there is an option for a “silent” alarm as well. It only notifies the authorities for help.

Carbon monoxide detectors sound an alarm when trace carbon monoxide presence in the air.

No, our motion detector is equipped with PIR technology to determine the mass, speed, and movement patterns of any moving object. It reads the body temperature and detects infrared emissions to rule out household pets, saving you from false alarms.

It allows you to adjust the temperature of your home by manual control or via an app on your smartphone, from anywhere.

Monthly fee is for the 24/7 professional monitoring services you get by 5 diamond certified stations and CSAA certified agents. However, equipment, activation, and installation is absolutely free.

Usually the price stays the same after the contract. But even if it changes, it won’t be more than a dollar or two, considering state tax increase.

Cameras are not included in basic standard package. There will be an additional cost on monthly monitoring fee depending on the type of cameras you require.

We do offer both indoor and outdoor security cameras.

Yes. The security system has PIR technology which enables it to ensure a pet-friendly environment.

We take over your existing equipment and upgrade it with our top-of-the-line and state-of-the-art system.

We offer a 5 year agreement with lock-down price protection not to increase on you; a 3-year agreement as well.

Yes, we offer a mutual service agreement that ensures lifetime warranty on the equipment, free maintenance of any kind and tech support at any time.

No. We offer lock-down price agreement to make sure your monthly fee doesn’t go up.

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August 2, 2018