Features of a Good Security Camera

Features of a Good Security Camera

A strong monitoring equipment is perhaps the most important part of any home security system. Owing to the lack of knowledge regarding the technical features, people often tend to overlook the important features that should be a part of the monitoring system, which later often leaves a lot to be desired in terms of quality. In the interest of getting a perfect home security equipment for your house, following important security camera features should be accounted for:

  • The first and foremost important feature of a home surveillance camera should be crisp and clear display. Various cameras have a continuously lagging display or a poor resolution which hinders the image quality, making it a huge challenge to monitor the premises or identify a moving object. The recommended display quality should be up to at least 1080 pixels to get a sharp image of the activity taking place within or outside the premises.
  • A camera must have a broad spectrum of vision to monitor the premises properly. With a narrow vision of certain cameras, blindspots are plenty which can be taken advantage of by the perpetrators. With a wide angle camera, there are not many places to hide for the culprits and the monitoring can be done in a much more effective fashion.
  • One of the most important features of a good quality security camera is the night vision. A lot of the crimes often take place in the dark of the night, in which case, if a camera is nightblind, the identification or bringing the subject into a clear vision can become nigh-on impossible.
  • Ethernet Connectivity is also fairly important to make sure that the video footage is clear and lag free. An inefficient connectivity resulting in a constantly lagging footage can result in the monitoring system’s inability to identify or even capture a moving object, leaving a huge loop-hole in the entire home security system for the perps to take advantage of.
  • Finally, for any camera to be deemed appropriate, it must have a strong built quality. Flimsy and fragile monitoring equipment can be easily dismantled or damaged to a point of complete failure. A security camera being the primary line of defense, should be tough enough to bare the abuse, be it natural or man-inflicted.

Baring all of the aforementioned features in mind, Perfect Home Defense takes pride in recommending the Arlo Pro 2 cameras to the homeowners. The camera comes standard with a 1080 pixels High definition video quality, 180 degree vision, rechargeable battery, 2 way audio, ethernet connectivity, night vision, weather resistance, backup storage, solid built quality and many other great features. Perfect Home Defense seeks to provide the customers with the utmost sense of security and convenience by offering an unparalleled customer services, best-in-market quotes and industry leading equipment, so that you can put your confidence in faithful companion that is a smart home security system with Perfect Home Defense.

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