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Top 5 Features of Keyless Entry Door Locks

“Every 13 second a house is being broken into,” a recent FBI report claims. It means about 5 homes are being victimized by invaders each minute. This is an alarming situation.

It shows modern home and life safety concerns need special importance. There are many ways used for security. However, it is a reality that traditional ways of home entry and security have failed to meet our expectations. Unfortunately, home entry for anyone has become so easy. There are more break-ins and larcenies than before.

This situation leads technology to take its step further and help the home and property owners prevent unwanted home entries and break-ins. For instance, here we have keyless entry door lock at your service. This keyless door lock helps keep all your doors locked automatically without needing keys. This helps make sure your entry points are securer and reduce risks of break-ins.

Here are the top 5 features of a smart door lock that you should go for:

  1. Auto Door Lock

The “Auto Lock” feature in a keyless entry door lock gives you the convenience of locking your entry door automatically. So, in situations where you may forget to lock your door, you don’t have to worry rushing back home. The keyless entry door lock feature has got your back. Even this thought gives you piece of mind.

You just need to open your smartphone app to lock your door. However, you can also set it up to automatically lock the door after 30 seconds.

  1. Keyless Entry

Not your traditional door lock that can be broken into using bump keys. The modern keyless door lock is smarter and allows you to use ‘no keys’ for home entry. You only require to have your smartphone, security key fob or entry code to enter. This reduces your risks of forceful eateries at home.

  1. Smartphone Remote Access

With this feature, users have the access to lock/unlock their smart door lock from anywhere. Now you can simply unlock your doors from your smartphone, while parking your car or sitting at a restaurant. This saves you from the hassle of punching-in code to enter your house once again and get late for work.

It also saves you from losing your password as no one would see it while you’re unlocking it in your car or away from home. Your smartphone does not require you to add passcode again and again. This way smartphone remote access not only gives you better connectivity and protection but also freedom to control your home from a distance.

  1. Live Updates

You can check live updates about your door activity through your smartphone and email. The keyless entry door lock monitors lock/unlock activity and keep you posted about it for timely action.

  1. Multiple Access Codes

You want your family members to enjoy all the convenience a keyless door lock offers. The advanced keyless entry door lock comes with multiple accesses. This enables you to share access rights with your family members and close friends. This way you can allow different people like your kids, elders and trusted visitors to enter your home using their own unique codes. So that your family won’t be left deprived of with the all perks you enjoy as a home controller. You all can easily manage home with this access system. This also means no family conflicts anymore.

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