Fire Prevention Tips for the Residents of Georgia

Fire Prevention Tips for the Residents of Georgia

Did you know incidents of house fires increase during winters? According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there is a home fire every other day in Georgia. In 2018, the total deaths caused by Georgia home fires are 71 (to date).

After California and Texas, Georgia leads the nation in number of loss caused by home fire deaths. Loss in terms of property is in millions, thousands of people become homeless, hundreds of pets die and tens get wounded.

The recovery and revival sometimes can become really hard. Victims can even suffer throughout their lives psychologically or physically.

Angelina is from Georgia who lost everything in a home fire including her parents, family dog and a 4-year-old sister. She is still homeless and struggling with depression and PSTD. And there are many other cases.

Think prevention this winter and stay protected in your GA house:

5 Tips to Keep Away from House Fires

Use Smoke Alarms

  • Fix wireless fire alarms in all the rooms, sitting and playing areas.
  • While fixing a smoke alarm near the kitchen make sure it is 10 feet away from the stove (and direct heat).
  • Check your smoke alarm’s working each month. If it is not working properly, ask the supplier to change it.
  • Always buy a wireless smoke alarm with powerful battery timing and lifetime warranty.
  • If you are using a fire alarm for the past 10 years, consider changing it immediately.

Don’t be Lazy

  • Pay attention while you cook something. 70 percent of house fires are kitchen fires.
  • Use your heating and other electric equipment carefully. It is better to switch off your heater before you sleep.
  • If any of your heating equipment is not working, replace it. Ask a technician to repair any malfunctioning electronic device/gadget/tool.

Integrate Monitoring System

  • Turn your smoke alarm into a monitored fire device. It will perform dual functions then: alarming you and informing the monitoring system about any home fire event.
  • Integrate your fire alarm with your smart home monitoring system through the fire fighter sensor.

Know What to Do

  • Be prepared always. You should know what to do during a house fire. So prepare an emergency evacuation plan with your family and rehearse it.
  • Don’t go near a fire if it is too big to handle. Instead use your personal panic button or keychain fob to call instant help.

Using the Alternative Method

  • Candle fires and other decorations can also result in a home fire. Avoid candles, use safe lighting methods such as the smart LED Lights.
  • If you are forced to use an alternative cooking or heating method to make fire (during a flood, storm, or any other natural disaster, gas or power outage) be sure you know all the tricks to use it.
  • Never try to make a fire that you can’t control. Instead, try to light a small fire first. If you are able to control and maintain it then add more fuel in it. Maintain your control over it.

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