USA Independence Day

7 Fire Safety Tips for This Independence Day

Today, 4th of July, is a day of great achievement for us. We celebrate this special day with real zeal and zest every year. Parties, parades, fireworks and many events are organized both on national and local level across the country, just to show patriotism. The great day is here again with us, and almost everyone must have planned something for this national holiday.

Whatever your plan is, be sure to stay safe from fire and other emergencies at home and in neighborhood as well. Make sure your children, especially senior family members don’t burn themselves while playing with fireworks.

Check out some of the most beneficial fire safety tips for this Independence Day’18:

1.      Using Fireworks at Home

18,500 injuries and burns are caused by fireworks each year, according to the National Fire Protection Association. So, if you have kids at home, bringing fireworks at home can be extremely unsafe. Try to avoid them at the first place, but if you really want to enjoy then make sure you are in an open place. Avoid turning a firework on inside your room, kitchen or near the car etc.

2.      Keep Your Pet Safe

Kids as well as your pets also need to stay away from fireworks. Avoid using them near your pets. They might be scared or even run away due to this. Lit candles keeping safety in mind.

3.      Alcohol and Fireworks

During a party, many people try to drink and enjoy fireworks together. According to the National Council on Fireworks Safety (NCFS), alcohol and fireworks don’t mix. Keep the booze for some other time. Moreover, never try to relight if a firework doesn’t go off easily for the first time. Wait for at least half an hour and put it in a water bucket.

4.      Keep Away from Sparkles

Even sparkles can be dangerous. It is estimated that it causes about 1200 injuries annually, according to NCFS. Stay away from sparkles and never try to pick them with hands.

5.      Install Firefighters

You need to be extra conscious when playing with fire. Your family, friends or even children can be injured. To rule out these threats, install firefighter sensors that can keep you protected day and night against any home fire event.

6.      Buy Smoke/Heat/Freeze Detectors

Smoke cum heat detectors help keep you safe against any kind of smoke and heat emergency that caused in your home or surroundings. These detectors instantly set the alarm system off and send signals to the central monitoring station to get you instant help. Once the smoke detector is armed, you don’t need to be afraid about dangers of home fire anymore.

7.      Get Carbon Monoxide Sensors

Some fireworks can build CO gas around your home which is a dangerous colorless gas for the living. The spread of this gas can even cause death on spot. So, keep safe from its accumulation on this Independence Day by purchasing the modern carbon monoxide detector for your home and family.

Last but not least, never play with fire without good knowledge about using the fireworks properly. Keep first aid kit with you and arm the home security alarm monitoring system before you start the show.

And don’t forget to be careful!

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