Getaway Vehicle Used in Abduction Found in Virginia

Amber Alert: Kidnapper Arrested in Virginia

Lock NC Sex offender kidnapped a 7 month baby girl in Golden Suzuki, he is in jail now, say police

Raleigh – Sex offender abducted a 7-year-old baby girl from her home in Randolph County.

Virginia police has found the getaway vehicle recently. Snapshots of the sedan can be seen on all the social media. Police published the images to request public for help.

Images of the car were made public after issuing Amber Alert to the driver. Amber Alert is a missing child alert system.

According to police, Suzuki Sedan, shiny golden in color was used by the criminal. It belongs to Carl R. Kennedy, 51 from Asheboro, NC.

He kidnapped the baby from her Danville home, recently.

Sharing details about Kennedy, police say he is a sex offender from North Carolina. He has different charges including abduction, home invasion and others.

Cops found a spare tire in the back side of the vehicle. They also released a picture of the crime scene in which Kennedy is escaping with the baby. Read full report for details.

Tips to Keep Your Children Safe At Home

FBI reports show that 464,324 child abduction cases were filed in 2017. There are at least 5 property crimes registered each minute including home invasion, robbery, theft and burglary etc. This is quite an alarming situation particularly, for parents and communities.

Loss of a child is one of the most irreparable losses for parents and families.There is no alternate to a missing person.

Child abduction has become a serious issue today which calls our attention. Many children go missing from homes and neighborhood almost every day.

Here are some of the ways to keep children and loved ones safe at home:

4 Best Child Safety Tips

1. Install Video Surveillance Cameras

Install video surveillance cameras inside and outside your home. This enables you to keep track of your surroundings as well as your kids within the premises. If you have a baby, you should install an indoor camera in the room for 24/7 monitoring. Video surveillance cameras are not like ordinary cameras that record your videos only. They offer extra features such as they are motion triggered and can set your home alarm off in case of any unwanted activity.

With real-time monitoring feature, you can check what’s going on, virtually from anywhere on your smartphone. This enables you to keep an eye on your kids and other family members even if you are away from home.

2.  Lock All Doors & Windows at Night

Take special care of your baby. Secure her room and play area with door sensors. Do not leave any window or door open at night and even during the day. You can integrate smart door locks for the security of your children at home as well.

3. Keep an Eye on Your Children Virtually

Keeping an eye on your children is a must for their safety. Modern home security companies offer equipment that makes it easy to keep an eye on children. Using latest home security devices to be watchful for your kids. Video surveillance cameras, motion detectors, motion sensors and door sensors allow you to check notifications on your smartphone in case of any emergency.

4. Get Your Home Monitored by the Best Home Security System

Home or away, you can ensure your loved ones are secure. Home security systems have become a must for all, particularly if you have children at home. Monitoring professionals make sure your home and children are safe and secure from criminals. They respond to any emergency within seconds and dispatch first responders when required, even if you are away and have no idea about the situation.

For getting safety solutions, security consultation, and complete information about the best home security system in your area,  contact us today.

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