Top Unique Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2019

Gift Guide: Make Them Safe This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s time to confess your love for your darling and make them your Valentine forever. You want to give your loved one the best gift ever and present them unique gifts this year which will not only make them feel loved but also protected.

Instead of giving your beloved chocolates or perfumes present them with smart home security system to show how much you care. But before we check out our home safety gift options, let’s know about what Valentine day is and how much people invest in this special occasion.

American’s spent quite a lot of money on their Valentine’s Day; here we have analyzed it by numbers:

  • Average annual valentine’s day spending is $18,500,000,000
  • Number of valentine’s day greeting cards given 180 million
  • Rose production for valentine’s day 240,000,000
  • Number of heart shaped chocolate boxes bought 36 million
  • Percentage of people who celebrate valentine’s day in the US 61.3%

History Of Valentine’s Day

The holiday we know for the celebration of love is named after a man called Valentine. While many different stories are told about what he did to inspire the festive occasion, many people believe he is celebrated for the role of a Roman priest who assisted couples to get married secretly.

According to history, Emperor Claudius II of Rome – who ruled from 268 A.D to 270 A.D. – banned marriage as he thought unmarried men made great warriors. Valentine, on the other hand, found this cruel and unjust and decided to go against Claudius and perform secret marriages.

He kept this secret, but eventually, the emperor found out, and Valentine was sentenced to death on 14th February of 270 A.D.  Right before Valentine died, he wrote a letter to the jailer’s daughter as a confession of his love for her. Later in the 5th century, 14th February was declared St. Valentine’s Day by Pope Gelasius.

Top Unique Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Smart Glass Break Sensor

Smart glass break sensor is the best gift for your beloved to keep them safe and secure. This technology alerts the emergency unit when a glass is broken, shattered or cut; it sends a notification to the monitoring team and informs you on your smartphone about the break-in.

Smart Locks

Realizing you have forgotten your keys, can create a stressful and panicky situation with your beloved calling you for assistance. Help them be stress-free and as careless they want to be with a gift of smart door locks.

Smart locks remove the need of carrying keys. These automatic locks can also be controlled through your smartphone and provide extra security to your house as you can set individual codes and can control who wants access your home and when.

Doorbell Camera

A Wireless doorbell camera is an ideal gift for your beloved this valentine. This device has a two way audio system and a camera. It’s connected with the internet sending you a live stream so that you can see who is at your door. You can say it’s a peephole of the digital age!

These devices are just as impressive as you can see who is at your doorstep even if you aren’t home. These devices are equipped with motion sensors, so they start recording when someone walks in front of the door. It has two-way audio so you can speak to the person standing at your door. It’s the perfect gift for your darling.

So as time is running short don’t opt for everyday gifts as this person in your life is not an ordinary person and deserves a special gift that reflects true love and security.

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