Hearing date of Ice Box Diamond Georgia Heist Suspects is rescheduled

The case of More than a million dollar worth a robbery from Ice Box Diamonds and watched in Buckhead was scheduled in the court on Friday for a preliminary hearing. But, the court postponed the hearing to April 25.

According to the Atlanta, GA Police department the heist was planned like robbery scene from a movie and even had a mother and son as suspects. The police took weeks to crack the case of the jewelry heist and they were supposed to further elaborate the case. The suspects ambushed the jewelry store manager and his wife at their residence. They tied the pair up and demanded the access codes to locks and safes at the store. One of the suspects stole the victim’s car and drove to the store. With the access codes, the suspects took about $10 million in Jewelry and watches.

Tips to stay safe from Home Invasions in Atlanta

If you are living in Atlanta, GA then there is a possibility that same incident can affect you. But, you can save yourself from being victimized by considering some basic Home Safety measures.

Always keep your doors locked. If you are not habitual of locking the front door, install a keyless entry door lock to operate the door lock from your smartphone. Acquire the Best home security system in Atlanta, if you are curious about safety of your home and family.

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