Home Fire Kills a Child While Injuring Two in Palm Springs

Home Fire Kills a Child, Injures Two in Palm Springs, CA

House turned into ash on Monday morning by deadly fire

California – Deadly home fire killed a child and burned two in the north Palm Springs area, informs police.

A mobile home was covered in high flames this Monday morning.

Palm Beach County authorities informed that a neighbor warned the homeowner that his house was covered with flames while his family was asleep in the morning.

The neighbor rescued two children from the burning home by breaking rear window glass to enter inside. Ages of the rescued children were 8 and 9 while another child, 7 couldn’t be saved and lost his life.

The rescued children were severely injured and were taken to the nearest hospital for first aid before moving them to Jackson Hospital, Miami.

Fire rescue teams successfully extinguished the fire and prevented it from affecting other houses. The cause of fire is still under investigation, reports say.

4 Fire Safety Rules for Every Homeowner

According to a survey, 70 percent of fire incidents occur at home. This makes home fire a major concern for everyone. The worst thing about fire is it is unpredictable and spreads rapidly. Knowing what to do to stay safe from home fire is the only way to rule out the risks.

There are four major fire safety rules for every homeowner:

1.  Put Out Fire before You Sleep

A report shows most home fires erupt when homeowners are asleep. It happens when we leave something turned on intentionally or unintentionally before sleeping. Never sleep if any of your stoves, furnaces, heaters or any other source of fire is turned on.

2.  Educate Your Kids about Home Fire

Your kids should be aware about hazards of fire. They should know that a slightest mistake can burn the whole house. So, never allow your children to play with fire. Never let them use a stove unsupervised. Teens and adults, particularly smokers should also be educated about this.

3.  Integrate Fire Safety Equipment

Modern technology has provided many solutions to stay safe from fire. One of the best solutions among them is to integrate fire safety equipment at home. Buy Firefighter sensors and smoke detectors for your home and family safety.

4.  Secure Your Home with the Best Security System

Secure your homes. Home security systems are highly effective in providing home safety solutions. Their monitoring stations stay alert and inform local first responders as soon as there is an emergency. For your family and home safety, the system sends you notifications and turns the alarm off in case of any emergency. Taking a single step can ensure you safety and a peace of mind.

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