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Home Invasion Murder Incidences Increase in Dallas, TX

Texas – Man stabbed a homeowner and then killed himself this Wednesday morning in northwest Dallas home. Police say it is a murder-suicide case apparently.

Victim’s family told that an unknown man first killed the homeowner and then himself with a sharp tool. Bodies of two men, a victim and the murderer, found at around 1:30 a.m. near Royal Lane, according to police.

In another incident, two other victims were stabbed in downtown area. Police did not provide further information about it. Read full news:

3 Ways to Feel More Secure at Home

Every 13 seconds a home in US is invaded, according to police. Loss in case of home invasions is in millions each year in the country. Police say criminals do anything to run away in case they are caught. They can even kill a person for this.

Therefore, security of your life and family comes first than anything else. Here are 3 best ways to ensure your security:

  1. Never allow Strangers Inside Your Home

    Rule one to keep your family and life protected is to keep away from strangers. People you don’t know completely should not enter your home at any cost. If a repairman or technician needs to enter your home, check their identity first. Check who is there at your door and have a word with them before opening the door. Use a doorbell camera for this purpose. A doorbell camera is based on high technology that connects with your smartphone, allowing you to review any activity at your doorstep from your smartphone.

  2. Use Door | Window Sensors

    Doors and windows are the most vulnerable points at home. A criminal can enter from your door and steal anything when you are asleep. To make sure no one enters your home through the window or main doors, use door sensors. They alert you when there is any strange entry or exit made, and turns sets off the intruder alarm. You can also get notifications of such activity on your cellphone.

  3. Get a Home Security System

    Nothing is more reliable than home security systems nowadays when it comes to life protection. You are 3 times more secure if you have a reliable and the best home security system in place, according to a report.

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