Smart Home Security During Halloween

Home Security During Halloween: 5 Things you must Do

Halloween is one of the most unique and special occasions such that it carries a bit of concern for home security along with all the festivity. Hundreds of children roam the neighborhoods trick-or-treating or pulling pranks on each other as well as the home dwellers. Amidst the friendly chaos, there are some real dangers of burglary and home invasion that ought to be accounted for by all homeowners. Unfortunately, not much can be done to prevent the pranks and ‘trick-or-treating’ on a large scale since such is the tradition of Halloween all around the world. However, on an individual level, following are some of the home security ‘tricks’ to have your home be ‘treated’ with respect:


  • The thing of foremost importance is knowing what’s going on outside your door. With so many children coming and going, you need to monitor the activity outside your entrance before you answer the knock or the bell. As a part of an intelligent home security system, you can include a doorbell camera through which you can see the activity outside your door through a live video feed being sent to your phone.
  • It is also important to have the motion sensors installed outside your home. By doing so, you can be alerted in case any suspicious activity takes place within the premises of your home.
  • The next order of business should be to install surveillance cameras around the outer premises of your home. With so much movement outside your house, it is important to make sure that the spots such as backyard, garage, front-lawn and driveway, all remains monitored and secured.
  • During the night time, it is important to arm the security alarm so as to be notified in case of any dubious activity. Numerous children are likely to pull pranks, amidst which, sometimes the home owners tend to overlook the actual threats such as burglary or home intrusion.
  • It is also wise to arm the window sensors and door sensors during the night hours. Entrance ways and windows are highly susceptible to threats as numerous children in pursuit of seeking thrill, are likely to try to pull dangers pranks that might cause damage especially to the windows and entrance ways. Not to mention, amidst all the hustle, the burglars are also likely to take advantage of the unfortunate opportunity. In that case, it would be wise to notify the local authorities if and when the alarm sounds off.

Although it may seem harsh, it is important for a homeowner to maintain the security and integrity of their household. To that end, it would be wise of all homeowners to have a reliable and smart home security and automation system in place.

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