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Home Security Essentials for Christmas Season

The preparations for festivities are in full swing these days, with Christmas holidays being right around the corner. Chances are that you’re either expecting guests, or are gearing up to leave on a recreational activity. Or perhaps, due to COVID-19, you’re more likely to have an intimate celebration with just the immediate family that is present at home with you. Whatever the case may be, it is alway important to remain vigilant and ensure the safety of the ones that you care about.

It has to be acknowledged that the threats to safety, both internal and external, are very real and very common. A recent study conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) shows that property crimes including theft and larceny have become the most common forms of crime all across the United States. Also, the percentage of homeowners that are subjected to property damages caused by internal accidents such as house fires and short circuits, is also incredibly high. 

Reports shared by law enforcement agencies state that the large magnitude of property crimes and accidents is due in large part to the ill-prepared homeowners. According to the statistics, less than 20% homeowners have home security systems installed at their properties. 

Having a strong home security service provider onboard as well as a smart home surveillance system is of paramount importance at this day in age, in order to keep your home and loved one’s safe and secure. Perfect Home Defense can help you set up an ideal security system in your house, so that you can spend your Christmas holidays carefree. Here’s how all homeowners can ensure the protection of their loved ones during during the Christmas season:

  • Install a Door-Bell Camera – With the Coronavirus still being around, you’re likely to not receive a lot of guests, but you might receive a few presents since it’s Christmas. Whether you’re at home or out running errands, the doorbell camera will give you a live video feed of your entrance way via a smartphone app. So whenever something or someone comes to your door, not only would you be able to see them, but also let them know that you’re watching via a 2-way voice communication feature.
  • Place Surveillance Cameras both In and Outside – Surveillance cameras are the backbone of a strong home security system. Therefore, it is important for homeowners to ensure that the cameras have all the favorable features to provide the highest quality image of a subject or an object, be it in a bright or a dark setting. A competent surveillance equipment can be your eyes and ears and can keep your home safe whether you’re at home or away.
  • Place Motion Detectors – Let’s be real! Even if the cameras are of the best quality, there can be a number blindspots where the camera’s are ineffective. That is where the motion sensors are most beneficial. Motion detectors, with their infrared sensing mechanism, can sense movement and set off the alarm even if it’s pitch-dark. Plus, if coupled with the image sensor, the motion detectors can also provide the photo of the moving object or subject.
  • Install Glass-Break Sensors – The name says it all! Glass break sensors are attached to the window panes in the house. When active, the glass break sensor sets off the alarm if a window glass cracks or breaks completely, enabling the homeowners to respond to the distress instantly.
  • Don’t Forget Smoke Detectors – This piece of equipment is completely on brand with the Christmas season, since there’s going to be a lot of cooking, baking, or ‘just sitting in front of a fireplace’ going on. And if any of that was to go sideways, the smoke detectors can be of great help in that scenario. 

Now we all know how a smoke detector works, but, when coupled with the Firefighter, it becomes a much more effective device. Firefighter is a piece of equipment integrated within the smoke detector that not only sets off the alarm in case of excessive smoke, but also sends distress signals to the nearest fire department, so as for them to take immediate action.

And there you have it! This was the list of all the essential home security equipment that you need to spend thanksgiving with your absolutely carefree. So get in touch with our agents here at Perfect Home Defense now and get a great deal on the best home security equipment in town. 

Stay safe and have a Merry Christmas!

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