Home Security System Installation Essentials

Home Security System Installation Essentials

Numerous unforeseen hazards such as burglary, fire outbreak, or any medical emergency has all homeowners worried about their homes all the time, owing to which, home security has become one of the key concerns of homeowners around the states. As per the recent reports by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a couple million homes are victimized to hazards such as burglary or fire outbreaks every year, which is a very alarming figure to say the least. With that said, it has become essential for all homeowners to install a reliable and smart home security system to keep their houses monitored and secured around the clock. Here are a few elements that a person must account for in order to have a complete home security system:


  • Complete Indoor ProtectionIndoor security is of foremost importance regardless of if anyone is actually home or not, since that is where most of the personal valuables are kept as well. To that end, it is important to ensure maximum indoor security to protect the home dwellers as well as the belongings for incidents such as theft, fire, medical emergencies, etc. With that in mind, every homeowner across the states ought to install all necessary indoor home security equipment to ensure that the home stays protected at all times. Few of the indoor security essentials include:
      • Wireless Panic Button – This item is one of the most important indoor security components as it alerts other home dwellers if one of them is under any kind of distress.
      • Smoke Detectors – According to reports by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), fire departments across the states responded to 355,400 home fire distress calls between 2012 and 2016. This goes to emphasize that this hazard can happen anywhere and to anyone. Therefore, Smoke Detection Device installation is a must for every household as it is an integral part of a complete indoor security system.
      • CO Detectors – Carbon Monoxide is a deadly gas that can and has caused multiple fatalities in homes across the country. CO Detection Devices can alert the family members instantaneously of the Carbon Monoxide traces in the building for them to take immediate safety measures.
      • Firefighter Alarm – Firefighter Alarm is one of the latest smart home security equipment that has revolutionized indoor security measures. In case of a fire hazard, this equipment uses the smoke detector’s sound mechanism to send distress signals to a nearby fire department to ensure the quickest response to the incident.
      • Indoor Security Camera – The most essential part of a complete home security system, indoor security cameras can allow you to remain up to speed regarding the real time indoor activity at your home. You can even configure your smartphone with the camera so as to be able to see your home while being at work or on vacation or a business trip.


  • Complete Outdoor Protection Outdoor security is just as important, if not more important than indoor security these days with numerous vile home invasion crimes being rampant across the states. A smart outdoor home security setup can enable the home dwellers to react to any potential mishap in a favorable time. Here are some of the essential outdoor security components that a homeowner must install so as to stay protected in the light of day and the dark of the night: 
        • Door Sensors – It happens quite often whereby a person is leaving their home in a hurry and forget to lock the door or leave it oddly locked on their way out. Door Sensor equipment sends a notification to the smartphone of the homeowner to let him or her know if the door is unlocked or not locked all the way.
        • Motion Detectors – In some rare instances there might be movement or activity outside of the house that the camera is not able to capture due to visibility issues. That is where motion detection equipment can fill in the gap and let the homeowners know through smartphone notification if there is something to worry about. Also, with the ability to recognize the pets and distinguish between animal and human motion, motion detectors are one of the most error-proof and reliable items for smart home protection.
        • Image Sensors – This equipment acts as a sister concern to the motion detectors. This equipment can, incase of a suspicious signal from the motion sensors, can pick up motion around the house without the help of the internet and intimate the homeowners about the suspicious activity around their house.
        • Glass Break Sensors – This item is integrated with burglar alarms and can sense if a glass pane is cracked or shattered, at which point, it intimates the homeowners of a suspicious activity.
        • Smart Door Lock – Lockpicking skills are apparently very common among thieves and burglars these days, which results in homes being even more vulnerable to outside threats. With the smart door lock technology, you can designate a numeric combination to your system as an entry password that only you know and can use. If the door is unlocked without the password, a burglar alarm goes off..
        • Doorbell Camera – This equipment is a successor to the inter-comm technology, but much more effective in application. Doorbell Camera technology can aid you in visually verify the person at the door through a live video feed being sent to the smartphone device. You can also use the speaker to let people in or ask the unwanted guests to leave.

A person’s home can fall prey to a myriad of calamities and it is every conscious homeowner’s responsibility to provide their home and their loved ones with a flawless and reliable smart home security system. The aforementioned security equipment has the ability to provide a complete home security solution to the home owners and allow them to live their lives without a worry in the world.

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