Atlanta Crimes Ratio

Home Security Tips for Atlanta Residents

According to the Atlanta Police Department, 17 crimes happen almost every day in Atlanta. The total population of this city in Georgia is more than 486,290 and the detailed crime rate is given here.

The FBI data shows total number of different crimes that happened in 2016:

  • 2,150 robberies
  • 112 murders
  • 208 rapes
  • 2,916 assaults
  • 4,558 burglaries
  • 18,065 thefts

If you are living in Atlanta, your risks of being a violent crime victim is 1 in 88 and the chances of becoming a property crime victim is 1 in 18.

Stay Safe in Your Atlanta Home

The safest neighborhoods in Atlanta, as per the Neighborhood Scout include most areas and roads to the North Atlanta. However, the problem is crimes (particularly violent crimes) can never be predictable. Police or any other law enforcement agency can never give 100 percent guarantee to even the ‘the safest area’ unless you take crime preventive measures and stay on the alert 24 hours.

Crime Prevention Tips for Atlanta, GA Home & Property Owners:

Atlanta homeowners and all others living in the city should take serious precautions to prevent crimes. It is not difficult to foil an attack nowadays if you are aware of technological advancements and some basic tricks.

Free Home Security Equipment

Free Home Security Equipment & 24/7 Monitoring


Go for the Best Home Security Systems in Atlanta, Georgia

Your chances of stay protected in your Atlanta home increase to 3 times if you use the best home monitoring system. The alarm system triggers in case there is an emergency. Latest home automation alarm system packages are totally affordable for everyone. They are the best to foil a home intrusion.

Keep an Eye

Be on the alert use the latest HD mobile video security cameras that come with night vision and motion detection technology. Because it is always the best to prevent an attack than regret it later. Use outdoor cameras near your front and back doors and install indoor security cameras in all your sitting areas and hallways.

Sense Movement in your House

Be able to detect a suspicious movement in your house by installing the pet friendly motion sensors. A motion detector, placed strategically in your room can help sense an intrusion and triggers the burglar alarm for your safety.

Lock Remotely

Remote locking and unlocking of your doors helps to ensure your home is well-guarded at all times. You can also see who is there if a door is unlocked oddly. For this purpose, home alarm systems offer smart door locks. These keyless door locks are automatic and easy to use for everyone in the family.

Get a Smart Doorbell

Fraudsters and imposters can be harmful. Many cases are reported on a daily basis in Georgia about such people who knock at different doors for vile purposes. Fix a smart doorbell camera to prevent such incidents. The video doorbell camera shows you live video streaming of the door knocker to enable you to reply virtually. If that is an unknown person, shoo him even without opening the door.

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