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News Alert: House Fire Claimed 3 Lives, family under investigation, TX

TEXAS – Alton home fire claimed three lives on 22nd of July, 2018, says police.

Shedding light on the incident, fire officials of the area informed seven family members were at home when the fire erupted. However, four of them managed to escape from their home safely.

Alton Fire officials further told, the home fire broke out in the morning hours. The house did not have smoke detectors to warn the family.

Concerned authorities are investigating the cause of fire. They interviewed the four members of family earlier and are waiting for the injured 11-year-old boy and his father to recover from hospital, so that Fire officials may record their interviews. Read complete story here.

3 Ways to Prevent a House Fire

National Fire Protection Association shared data about house fires in 2016, and it is estimated that there were 352,000 home fires and 2,735 deaths caused due to fire. Moreover, there was $5.7 billion property loss in that year too. Unfortunately, human error is one of the major causes of home fires. This means house fire is completely preventable. Here are three top ways to prevent a house fire and stay safer from it:

1. Never Handle Fire Casually

Handling fire casually is the leading cause of fire break outs. Never cook or go in the kitchen if you can’t pay attention. 70% of home fires are caused because of this. Be careful when your stove is lit on. Turn it off completely when done and never let your pets and children go in the kitchen when you are not done with the cooking.

2. Place Smoke Detectors

Install a smoke detector inside your home, particularly in your kitchen, bedroom, living room area and backyard etc. It detects smoke and heat instances and sounds the alarm system for your safety. A Smoke detector is highly recommended by the fire department.

3. Mount a Firefighter Sensor

Protect your home and family members by mounting a firefighter sensor at your home. It works with your smoke detector to detect any fire incident and warns you through the alarm system as well.

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