Modern Glass Break Sensor

Protect Your Windows & Glass Doors with a Glass Break Sensor

23% of burglars break your glass windows or doors to sneak in, according to FBI. While 83% of home intruders investigate well about an alarm system and different sensors before invading a home.

Home entry becomes easier when you use glass windows and doors. In fact, glass is one of the most fragile materials used in your home interior. Although it looks great; but it also enables burglars and robbers to enter your home without much effort.

Surprisingly, there still are a number of elements which many homeowners overlook and one of them is a Glass Break Sensor.

In this article, you’ll find out what a Glass Break Sensor is and what benefits can it offer you:

 1. Glass Break Sensor is Your Home Protector

Those of you who are not familiar with a glass break sensor, it’s a particular sensor that only sets the alarm when any kind of glass breakage is detected. It works as your first line of defense for your home protection and reduce risks of home invasions that involve impulsive criminals.

2. Wider Detection Range, More Security

This home security equipment is ceiling mounted and gives a 360 degree detection with 15 ft. range to provide you complete coverage. This means you don’t have to install multiple glass break sensors everywhere in the house for protection. Just one glass break sensor is enough for a big room with multiple glass windows and doors.

It is not necessary to install the sensor in a position facing the windows, thanks to 360 detection feature. You just need to make sure they cover the area where your windows or sliding glass doors are. It could be installed on the side walls and could be mounted on the ceiling at the same time. Recommended is to mount it on your ceiling that will give you maximum coverage area.

3. Instant Notifications and Email Alerts

This sensor is a true life saver when it comes to burglary detection. With its 360 degree detection range across 15 feet, it can pick up any glass breakage activity from a distance. So, if anyone tries to cut open your window or sliding door glass or even tries to burst it, the alarm will set off and it will notify you and the authorities at the same time.

4. Tamper Proof and More Reliable

Glass Break Sensors are tamper proof. It means they cannot be defaced. It also has a tamper cover that sounds the alarm in case, someone tries to mess with it. Also, having no wires attached to the sensor makes it more reliable and secure since no one can disarm a wireless glass break sensor.

5. Easy to Integrate with Other Devices

One of the best benefits of a glass break sensor is it is easy to integrate with other security equipment. It can be just a part of a complete home security alarm system. Imagine your smart bulbs turn on automatically, if your glass break sensor sends you security alert on your cell phone. You would be able to review the activity in a better way, right?

So, if you are a home owner with a home security system but do not have this useful device installed, now is the right time to get yourself one for better protection.

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