Life Alert - Wireless Waterproof Panic Button

5 Benefits of a Medical Alert Button

Imagine an ear-splitting sound wakes you up at night or you feel excruciating pain to the left side of your chest at daytime. It is like heart attack and you immediately need emergency support. Your family is away and you do not have any home security alarm system installed. You try to find your mobile phone but the chaotic situation does not allow this. Hell scared, anxious and helpless, you can sense personal harm but there is no one out there. Not even the panic button.

This button helps safe your life during emergencies. In fact, the small medical alert button can be called as a life savior. It becomes a blessing during different types of life-threatening situations. It is your instant support button and keeps your save by sending immediate help.

Who can Use it

It can protect you from any dangerous situation at your home and property. It is an additional security feature in the modern home security systems that can be helpful to anyone: child, elderly, patient and the panicked.

A panic button is just pressed for a few seconds and it send signals to the control panel where you get help.

5 Important Features of a Medical Alert Button

The button comes with multiple features. A few of them are mentioned here for your understanding and interest.

1. Handy

In a life-threatening situation, you don’t have time to wait for a device to start working. Handy and easy to use, you don’t need to install, download or fix your medical alert button anywhere. Just a push for some seconds and you are done.

2. Portable

It is built on latest technology and is portable. You can take it anywhere. Your panic button does not need cords or wires. It works with a powerful battery.

3. Long Lifespan

You do not need to change battery of your wireless panic button quite often. It comes with at least 5-year life and gives you alerts before being expired. This ensures you can still use it in case of power outage or natural disaster. It secures you from being dependent on electricity.

4. Water Resistant

Besides, the panic alarm button is water resistant. It means you do not have to be conscious while bathing or drinking anything to keep the button safe. It can tolerate any water spill.

5. Wearable

Use it in form of a wrist band or necklace, or fix it anywhere around your house or property such as underneath your office table, at important checkpoints or near the emergency exit etc. Wearable medical alert button gives convenience to the elderly and this way they don’t forget ever. The button is small in size and can be hidden easily. This is good for your safety.

When in need, just press the wireless panic button for two seconds and it will send instant alerts to the monitoring team at the monitoring station. The team then contacts the concerning department after confirmation from you. The team makes then makes important call from your side to the relevant department (police or medical help). They arrive as soon as possible to rid you from the panic situation. This way the tiny button can save a lot of time, money and important human life.

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