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How Burglars Use Social Media To Choose Their Next Target?

It is estimated that in 65 New Yorkers, 1 is at high risk of being a property crime victim. This includes burglary, home invasion, robbery and theft etc. In 2016 alone, 39,821 burglaries and 250,968 thefts were reported in New York State. The rate is quite high which is why many residents have shown their serious concerns to the authorities.

Most important concern in New York nowadays is about protection of property and family of a homeowner. In a newspaper report, about 78% of criminals are using social media to find out their victims for a break-in.

Social Media as a Burglar’s Tool

Like us, burglars and robbers also use social media extensively to search for their targets. Posting your updates on different social media websites can be manipulated by criminals and there are cases in which a social media ‘friend’ turned out to be a burglar or a con artist, according to police.

More social media interactions with strangers mean more trouble nowadays. Therefore, many homeowners are planning to install home security systems in New York.

Before we tell you solutions to this issue, let us find out how a burglar or impostor make connections with strangers.


Recently, police held a gang of criminals who were invading homes that were vacant during daytimes. They revealed that they used to pick working women and people living alone via social media. Stalking them online gave them information about their working hours and this helped them in planning many home invasion burglaries.

Similarly, there was another gang held by police last year. Authorities told that the gangsters used to add random people in their accounts and become friends. Once they developed good friendship, they used to insist their victims to invite them at their home. People who agreed to that were then robbed and assaulted by them. In fact, there are many cases that reveal every day. So, it is always better to be careful while using social media channels.

Here are some ways that can help you keep away from criminals who target others online:

  • Never share your personal information completely on a social media website.
  • Never be intimidated by a stranger who stalks you or tries to blackmail you using social media. Inform cyber police immediately if so.
  • Never add strangers in your friendship circle, unless you know them completely.
  • Keep your privacy settings on restricted mode. Report right away if you feel your account is being hacked, or any attempt is made against your account.
  • Use strong passwords and never share them with anyone.
  • In case you need to meet with a new online friend, meet them at a public place.
  • Arm your home with a wireless security alarm system to keep yourself protected 24/7.
  • Keep your holiday plans with you. Share them when you are back home. Live updates prove to be dangerous sometimes.

Be careful!

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