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How a Wireless Home Security System is Better for You

You want to keep your family and property safe by having complete protection against all threats. FBI reports show there is a home invasion somewhere in the country every thirteen seconds.

You devise different plans for this. You might have used many tricks to secure your home, have you ever thought of getting a complete home security and safety package for your home? If not, you should try one today. This is because installing the best home security alarm system can protect your home in a better way.

People often get confused between wired and wireless home security systems when it comes to buying them. Experts recommend you to go for wireless security alarms because they offer more features.

Here are some of the best features homeowners should look for in a home security system:

1. Complete Home Monitoring

You need complete peace of mind at home. You work all day and night to keep your family happy, and don’t want to ruin your peace and happiness by anyone. An intruder can blow your peace of mind and you won’t let this happen. Having the best home alarm system means you get complete monitoring 24/7/365 to rule all the threats at home.

FBI statistics showed 7,919,035 property crimes were reported in 2016 alone. The best home security system can help save you and your family from being a victim.

Home alarm equipment includes smart door locks, glassbreak detectors, motion sensors, doorbell cameras, door sensors, motion and image sensors etc. All of these devices are installed at your home to offer complete monitoring, so that no area of your home is left unmonitored.

2. Smartphone Access Control

Make sure your control does not weaken once you are out of home. Latest home security systems allow you complete control with smartphone access. Arm/disarm your security system, switch on/off your appliances and lights or answer your visitor through your cell phone or laptop. You can peek in anytime your room, kitchen or terrace too. You can also turn on your lights virtually with smart energy equipment.

Image sensors, doorbell cameras, video surveillance cameras and even your small home appliances can also be controlled through your smartphone app. This means great home control.

3. Exceptional Video Surveillance

One of the newest and the best features a good home security system can offer is live monitoring through the home security cameras. These are not just ordinary home security cameras, they are based on excellent new technology that makes things easier for you. With real-time monitoring, you can share visual access with anyone through your cellphone or other connected devices. The motion triggered feature allows you to get live notifications of any suspected activity.

Mount indoor cameras in your kids’ room, kitchen and in your doorway area to keep an eye on them, and to keep criminals at a bay. Don’t forget to install outdoor cameras near your poolside, lawn, terrace, entry and garage areas too.

4. Fire Alarm Monitoring

Modern home security systems are not used for security purposes only. You get more than you think. There are fire monitoring devices offered like the firefighters, heat and smoke detectors to ensure 100% home safety against environmental hazards. Not only this, you get carbon monoxide monitoring option with the CO detector as well.

In fact, best home security systems in your home offer you security, safety and home automation all-in-one.

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