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How Modern Home Security Camera Systems Have Changed Live Monitoring Surveillance Trends?

Monitoring surveillance trends have not been the same as they used to be 15 years ago. Modern technology has totally changed the security camera systems for the homeowners. It is done to improve the security systems.

Here are a list of things that would show how modern security alarms with camera systems are way better than they were before:

1. Improved Video & Picture Quality

When we compare a modern home security camera with an older version, the first thing we notice is the picture quality. Older security cameras were not as effective to take clear photos and videos. High technology has improved image and video quality.

Previously, the photos were blurry and it was not easy to identify them, today this problem has been resolved. You can get crisp images and watch high quality streaming videos on them.

2. Real Time Monitoring

With high quality video streaming option you can enjoy real time monitoring through the modern home security cameras. It is no more a dream to watch a live clip of an event and report the authorities about it.

3. Better Storage

Modern home surveillance cameras offer you unlimited live monitoring feature subscription. This is a great benefit that allows you to keep track of your surrounding of different activities and retrieve evidence whenever needed.

4. Night Version Enabled

Older home security cameras were not able to make clear videos at night or during darkness. This used be music to the ears for burglars and criminals because anytime they wanted to enter a place, they used to turn off the lights to beat the security system. This trick is not possible today, modern home security cameras come with night version, an exciting feature that allows you to watch clear photos even if there is low or no light at all.

5. Motion Detection Enabled

Traditional security cameras were unable to detect motion and take action. Latest home security systems provide extremely efficient security cameras that have in-built motion detectors feature. This feature activates the camera automatically if there is a motion detected in its field of view.

6. Indoor & Outdoor Video Surveillance

Indoor and outdoor video surveillance cameras are two types of home security cameras that are used in and around your homes. The indoor security cameras help secure your home interior; while outdoor home security cameras help keep an eye on your surroundings and neighborhood.

7. Smartphone Access

Smartphone access has empowered us in many ways. For example, your home security camera system connected with your smartphone enables you to keep in touch with your home and receive live updates about it anywhere and anytime. Moreover, this also helps you check in through your home security cameras for optimal protection. Receiving live video of a suspected activity on your smartphone also enables you to take quick action and this can help minimize or even mitigate the damage. Interested in buying a home security camera? Contact us for complete support and cooperation.

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