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How Modern Security Cameras Have Changed Over Past 2 Decades

Police statistics reveal home security camera systems play a vital role in shooing criminals and other bad guys. According to a report, 9 in 10 convicted criminals confessed that security cameras proved to be a threat for them. In addition, modern cameras act like police touts nowadays. They are widely used by police departments all around the world. Today, police greatly relies on video clips captured by security cameras, when it comes to investigation.

Did you know, home security cameras had been around for over a century? How did this security essential evolve? What are the changes it has undergone?

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Let’s take a look:


Thomas Edison had a crucial role in the development of cameras. Miniaturization, however, made it possible to develop extremely small-sized cameras and with these cameras, idea of home video surveillance cameras was generated.

2 decades ago, security cameras couldn’t be connected with the internet; live monitoring was not possible without a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), and for years, CCTV cameras were used for the purpose. They were directly connected with monitors and had limited number of options. But above all, real time monitoring was not possible.


The benefit of modern home security camera systems is that they offer live monitoring option from your smartphone. You don’t have to hire a team for live surveillance, you can get live updates on your smartphone if there is an emergency.

Previously, you had to have more screens to monitor different areas of your home. But today, your smart devices: phone, tablet or laptop, is enough for this. Today, home monitoring from a distance is possible, thanks to wide angled home surveillance cameras.

State-of-the-art features:

20 years back, there was no Video Content Analytics (VCA) technology in the older versions. VCA can identify when a new thing enters the field of view. It follows the subject automatically and alerts the homeowners about it. Motion detection becomes possible with VCA technology. Moreover, VCA can also identify threatening conditions like home fire and excess smoke etc. It can also recognize tampering and in that case, sends notifications to the user. Home security camera systems are also weather proof.

With the help of laser focusing technology, modern home surveillance cameras offer better zooming options, which improves the focus of camera and gives quality video streaming.

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