How Modern Wireless Home Security Systems Have No False Alarms?

Every homeowner wants to rid from false alarms that not only cost them thousands but also waste their time. First responders feel disturbed and millions of their resources go wasted due to this concern. Did you know 70% of false alarms occur due to user mistakes?

According to a police report, 90-95% of all calls that 911 agents attend is due to false alarms. According to the U.S Department of Justice, an estimated cost of resource loss is around $1.5 billion.

Under these circumstances, what if you are informed there are no false alarms in modern wireless home security systems? This is definitely a great news knowing that your wireless home security system would not call police or the fire department, saving you from loss in terms of money and time.

Here are top 5 reasons how a wireless home security system ensures you don’t wake up due to a false alarm in the middle of the night:

1. 2-Way Voice Communication Feature

New reports showed that 95% of wireless home security systems succeeded to make sure there are no false alarms at home due to 2-way voice communication system. Having such interactive system means that the monitoring professionals can speak with you in case of need to confirm about an alarm trigger.

2. Crash and Smash Technology

By not talking technical, let’s acknowledge you what a crash and smash technology is, so that you can understand how this plays a role in reducing false alarm rates. Crash and smash technology empowers your home security system to still work and offer you help even if the central control panel is attempted to be destroyed.

Wireless home security systems with this latest crash and smash technology are programmed to minimize false alarms. So in case of a false alarm, you get notified via 2-way voice com or by calling on your phone number about the confirmation. The monitoring team then analyzes the whole event carefully to avoid any errors.

3. Pet Friendly Smart Home Security Equipment

About 34% of false alarms used to be due to pets. A wireless home security system offers new and updated equipment that is not only tamper free but also has pet friendly features. This means the new technology (Passive Infrared) saves you from paying high fines caused by your pets. Your motion detector based on PIR technology can sense your pet’s motion. It does not trip if your mischievous animal jumps on your motion detector. So your pets can roam around within the premises while alarm system armed, without you being worried about it.

4. Watch with the Image Sensor

The next generation motion detector is today’s image sensor which has an in-built camera installed. Anytime there is an alarm event, it sends you quick notification and takes images of the activity so that you can review the cause of your home alarm instantly.

5. Be Connected 24/7 With Mobile Access

The modern wireless security system gives you mobile access 24/7. You can stay connected with your alarm system through your cellphone. You get notifications about any activity round the clock. This enables you to inform the monitoring team to make sure you are not the cause of a false alarm, and call the local first responders immediately.

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