How Smart Door Locks Improve Home Security

How Keyless Entry Locks Can Improve Home Security

34 percent of criminals make forceful entry through your main door, according to FBI. Therefore, securing your entry points should be your top priority if you are a homeowner.

Smart door locks or keyless entry locks play an essential role to secure entry and exit doors. These modern locks make it possible for homeowners to enter their home with a pass code without using keys. One has to punch in the code and the door unlocks.

Here are some advantages modern smart door locks offer:

  1. Smart door locks are not easy to trespass. Traditional locks can be opened using master keys but smart door locks are not key-dependent. You need a code to enter which makes it more secure.
  2. With digital codes, you can enter your home by unlocking even from your smartphone.
  3. You get notifications when your door is opened/closed. You can even check your entry/exit history on you smartphone app.
  4. Integrated with your home security system, smart door locks allow you to operate your locks from anywhere in the country.
  5. They are tamper proof, unlike traditional locks and any tamper attempt triggers the alarm.

 Now, what should you know before deciding to get a Smart Door Lock?

These are some things to take down before making a decision to buy a smart door lock.

  • Make sure you have a deadbolt in your front door.
  • Some smart door locks can easily fit in your existing doors while others might not. It’s a good practice to choose the exact fit before your purchase.
  • Smart door locks are accessible from a smartphone. Make sure you have an Android or an iPhone that would serve the purpose.
  • There is a wide range on keyless entry locks. Basic ones only require a code, no smartphone access. It would be wise to buy the modern smartphone compatible door lock.

Home security systems come equipped with state-of-the-art smart door locks as well. Choose the suited package that fits all your needs.

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