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How Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Can Help in Fire Emergencies?

The US Fire Administration (USFA) report shows statistics about fire emergencies. In 2015, a total number of 134,500 fire were reported. Death toll due to these fire events was 3,280 and 15,700 individuals injured in the country. Fires caused $14.3 billion loss in the year. Let us take a look at the major causes and how to prevent them:

Major Causes of Fire Emergencies at home

Home fires are the leading property type that causes deaths. It accounts for 74.5 % deaths in the country. There are many causes of home fires. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) gives details about the most common causes of fires in the house:

  • Intentional Fires and Arson
    Intentional fires caused 261,330 deaths in 2014-15. Arson and intentional fires causes direct property damage of $1 billion.
  • Cooking & Kitchen Fire
    Unattended cooking caused 47% of house fires and 20% of deaths. It is seen as the biggest causes of deaths and injuries as a result of fires.
  • Candles & Other Flammable Items
    Candles and other flammable items caused about 8,700 fires and about $295 million direct property loss.
  • Heating Equipment
    Heating appliances especially in winters and space heaters caused 54,030 home fires. It caused $1.1 billion property loss.
  • Electrical Fires
    Electric fires cause about 34,000 home fires annually. Lighting appliances and home lights are the top cause of electric fires.
  • Fires Set By Kids
    Kids playing with fire caused about 49,300 home fires.
  • Smoking
    Smoking inside homes can cause fire. Smoking caused about 17,200 house fires in past.

Safety Tips for Homeowners and Individuals

  1. Never leave your kitchen and food unattended while cooking.
  2. Be vigilant when you are working with fire in the kitchen.
  3. Be sure your kids, pets and family members are safe. Keep flammable equipment out of the reach of kids and pets.
  4. Avoid smoking inside home. Make sure your cigarette butts are completely extinguished.
  5. Place candles in safe containers before using them.
  6. Never let children play with flammable objects unsupervised.
  7. When planning an outdoor BBQ dinner, make sure you follow all the fire safety precautions.
  8. Maintain your gas equipment, furnaces, chimneys, heating appliances.
  9. Use smoke alarms. Make sure you install them on every level of your house.
  10. Use CO detectors and never forget to activate them.

Role of Smoke & CO Detectors

Fire response team and police always recommend homeowners to install smoke alarms (smoke detectors) and CO detectors at home. They are a must for your home and life safety. Make sure they work properly because a malfunctioning smoke detector or CO sensor is to no use. Based on modern technology, they keep you safe against any fire-related accident at home. If there is a fire threat, the smoke detector would trigger and inform you and the monitoring team about it. CO detectors keep you away from the dangers of CO gas. The CO gas poisoning can cause death if it stays inside your home for more than 8 hours.

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