How to Celebrate This New Year Eve in USA

How to Celebrate This New Year Eve in USA

Just after America gets done with its Christmas hangover, there is one thing that everybody awaits – The “New Year Eve!” While the sun is setting on 31st of December, New Year Eve’s party is the notion of the evening.

Most of the teenagers throw parties for their class fellows while the families are usually invited to feast over the New Year’s Eve Food. If you are thinking about 2019’s New Year eve parties, here are the best places to go for New Year’s in USA.

Las Vegas

All-time favorite of most for us and an undoubted heaven for the young blood – Las Vegas. Regardless of the occasion, LV is home to all the party stuff. Especially, on the eve of New Year, the city is damn exciting.

Adding more to your excitement, the Strip is closed to traffic and given over entirely to the people determined to party. For those looking out for New Year Eve’s party, you can feast on Las Vegas’ Extreme Meat Dishes, Dazzling Duck Dishes and Chinese cuisines.


The second hot place to enjoy your new year’s eve is Dallas. Those who have lived in the city, know the addiction it carries. You can hop on your vehicle, full up the tank and head to Dallas.

You can enjoy with your friends and family as Dallas is home to various outing spots which are even livelier on the occasion of New Year’s Eve. A fair caution is to set the destination of your choice after having some research as the selection of parties range from boisterous to elegant to intimate. For those headed out with families and children, you can start off with the fireworks show on the rooftop of Saint Rocco’s and then enjoy the Ahi Poke at Velvet Taco or Skittles Sangria at The Common Table. Dallas is also famous for its cookies and Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit at Whataburger.

Atlantic City

Last but not the least, Atlantic City is a hub for those who look out for casinos, lofty high-rise hotels, and all that shines. Being country’s one of the most visited places on New Year’s Eve, AC is open with all its glitz and glamour on the special night.

You can enjoy the fireworks show from the boardwalk at midnight but beware as the city gets jam-packed at the prime viewing spots. If you are with the children, do follow the guidelines mentioned at the spots to protect the young ones.

Moreover, for those who are headed to the city just to enjoy the food, is to try its Soul Food with Live Jazz Band playing besides your table. Also, those who are fond of Oysters, can enjoy their favorite food at the city’s top locations.

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