Happy National New York Day

How to Celebrate This Year’s National New York Day?

Each year, we celebrate the National New York Day on September, 21st. New Yorkers wish each other on this day and pray for their State’s safety and security.

How to Celebrate?

We mark the day by knowing more about the New York state, its different cultures, history background and people etc. New York is replete with historical buildings, iconic personalities, and important places. On this National New York Day, let us share some interesting facts about the Empire State, shall we.


New York was once home to Delaware Indian (Lenape) inhabitants. They also lived in many other areas of the country, for instance in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New Jersey etc. In New Netherland, Dutch people settled down. They were the first Europeans to settle in New York. Albany was the center of fur trade.

After independence in 1787, New York assigned 3 delegates for the Constitutional Convention. One of them was a strong Federalist named ‘Alexander Hamilton’.

Interesting Facts & Figures

Did you know the New York state is full of wonders and interesting facts? Some of the most amazing things about the Empire state are:

  • In 1803, The New York Post was published for the first time. It is the oldest publishing newspaper of the country.
  • New York City was the first capital of US.
  • Taughannock is the city’s highest waterfall which is 215 feet.
  • The first European settlers introduced apple seeds to the country.
  • In 1857, Joseph C. Gayetty presented his first toilet paper roll to the world.
  • The state owns more than 70,000 miles of streams and rivers.

New York Today

According to a report in 2016, the total population of New York was 19.85 million. The state is home to the famous Times Square, Empire State Building and the epochal Status of Liberty.

The five safest cities of the Empire state are Delanson, Burdett, South Salem, Golden’s Bridge and Sag Harbor. While the worst cities with high crime rate in NYC include Niagara Falls, Newburgh, Buffalo, Village of Herkimer and Rochester.

Unfortunately, 1 in 65 homeowners in New York is at risk of being a property crime victim according to the FBI estimates. On this National New York Day, police advise everyone to stay safe and make sure their home and family is well protected.

Keep Safe this National New York Day

Experts endorse every homeowner to be fully alert. Use smart home entry products to protect your entryways, front and backyard areas. These are the places where every home needs high security devices. Place modern security cameras everywhere (indoors and outdoors) around your home. Educate your kids and other family members how to take security measures. Tell them about the benefits of home security systems and their correct use.

When leaving your home, lock all your doors and shut all the windows. Your home should look occupied when you are away. For this, use smart bulbs that can be turned on/off remotely from your smartphone.

Share the security measures you have taken with your neighbors as well. This way you can play a part to help make New York a better place to live at.

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Have a Very Happy National New York Day!

Each year, we celebrate the National New York Day on September, 21st. New Yorkers wish each other on this day and pray for their State’s safety and security.

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