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How to Enjoy Your Holidays with a Smart Home Alarm System?

A survey report shows on average, 70% of US citizens go for holidays each year. While planning for one, make sure your home and property is secure when you leave for a trip. It is essential because many burglars and home invaders wait for homes to be empty during vacations, so that they can break-in.

Here are some of tips given by experts, to ensure your property is well protected while you are away:

Schedule your Lights

San Jose police department suggests you should never show that your home and property is vacant, even for a shorter period of time. For this, use different tactics. One of them can be to turn on and off your home lights during day and night times, using your smartphone. Whether it is your kitchen, garage, upper portion bedroom or terrace; install a smart bulb at these places to switch the lights on/off remotely. Leave some of your outdoor lights on at night so that your home does not seem empty.

A smart bulb is packaged in wireless smart home security systems and it does not consume a lot of home energy at all. Controllable from a smartphone, you can switch on/off your lights virtually from anywhere across the country.

Use Home Appliances Virtually

One sure way to deter a robber or thief is to make noise. Initially, producing a sound was not possible when you are not around, but thanks to smart alarm systems it is possible today. Use a smart plug for this. Switch on any of your home appliances in the morning or at night, while you are travelling, just to show people around your home that you home and busy with your household chores. This impression lets criminal rethink about their plan and repels them from your property.

Keep an Eye on Everything

Get live monitoring options by placing surveillance cameras around your house. They allow you to keep an eye on your property yourself. Check who comes by you home when you are not there, who roams around and how your pup is doing. This way you keep a check on your precious jewels, cash and valuables as well, even while staying away from home.

Adjust Your Temperature

Adjusting your home temperature for your pets, elderly and a home alone family member is easier now. Get a smart thermostat and set it up according to your family requirements. You should not be worried about overheating or freezing temperatures anymore, even if your local weather changes all of a sudden. Just open your smartphone app to regulate the temperature remotely.

Secure Your Possessions

According to police, having an alarm system means you are 3 times more secured than without one. It becomes more important when you have to leave home for days. Make sure your possessions at home are well secured with a smart home security system. 24-hour monitoring is done by professionals and the thought that you are in safe watch all the time actually gives you a peace of mind.

So where are you heading this summer?

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