How To Keep Your Home Protected During A Revamp

How To Keep Your Home Protected During A Revamp

Whether you are extending the walls of your kitchen or retiling your bathroom, revamping your home puts your family and house at risk. Most probably, there will be many outsiders going in and out of your house while the revamping is taking place.

Thus you need to be careful. If you are planning to revamp with exposed walls, home security will be trivial. However, with home safety products you can ensure the safety of your family and belongings.

Hire Reliable Contractors

Whether you are hiring a specialty contractor or a general contractor for a bath or kitchen, finding a reliable contractor is essential. A few ways to ensure you are recruiting someone stable includes:

  • Check their online presence and read their reviews from previous clients.
  • Ask friends and family who have revamped their house for any recommendations.
  • Check for a list of mentions and connect with them.
  • Makes sure they have appropriate licensing and insurance. At a minimum, they should have property damage and personal liability insurance. Licensing needs can vary as per different states, so get in touch with your building department to find out what is needed.
  • Ask if they will require any subcontractors and make sure their subcontractors are also insured and licensed.

Ask The Workers To Use Another Door

This might not work if you are getting the second floor of your home revamped. But if you are renovating your kitchen, you can ask your workers to enter the house through a second door, or you can make use of Doorbell Camera to keep track of who comes and go from the house. Plus it will let children know that the kitchen is restricted for some time.

Ensure Holes Are Protected

Whether it’s a utility hole accessing plumbing or a hole in the wall to install a new window or door or a vent to locate electric wires, ensure those holes are properly closed when the work is completed. This will not only deter critters but will also keep the burglars away from entering the grounds. It’s ideal to invest in Home surveillance cameras to keep a look at who comes and goes.

Ensure All Doors And Windows Are Locked

Once the crew is away for the day, its best to take a quick walk around the area and ensure all the windows and doors are secured and closed. This will keep elements and unwanted strangers out.

Your Home Security System

Adjust your smart home security system to fit according to your home. You will need to speak to your provider about the right way to work around with workers to make sure that the home security is maintained appropriately.

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