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6 Tips to Keep Seniors and The Elderly Safe at Home

A large number of population in America consist of seniors and their safety is a major concern. Many homeowners feel bad when they fail to offer excellent care to their senior family members due to tough routines and other issues. Many fail to understand the needs and demands of the elderly, while many leave this responsibility on caregivers. We all need to know that senior safety is more than just hiring a caregiver for them.

There are many other things involved to make sure your older family members are safe, secure and happy at home. Check this list for details:

1. Install Indoor Video Surveillance

Modern indoor home security cameras help provide best video surveillance round the clock. It is understandable that you are not always available, but you do care about your elderly ones, right? An indoor security camera helps you keep an eye on them using your smartphone. It doesn’t matter where you sit, just turn on your cellphone app to check how your retired dad/mom is doing at home.

2· Offer them Medical Pendant

Elderly fellows in their twilight years usually develop medical issues. Old age, in fact is a huge issue itself. The elderly become vulnerable to falls, diabetes, heart issues, arthritis and paralysis etc. While many homeowners make sure their home is safe for their older family members, they forget that home accidents don’t always need a physical cause. It is important to rule out all the apparent causes of any home accidents like slips and falls. It is also equally important to offer your senior members the panic button for getting them medical help on time. Because home accidents are unpredictable.

3· Get them Monitored Home Security systems

A home security alarm monitoring system takes responsibility of your home and family. Monitoring alarm systems provide excellent services and get your seniors first aid during any type of emergency, within a few minutes.

4· Offer Mobile Access Devices for Their Ease

Home security system equipment comes with mobile access. There are many devices like smart door locks, smart plugs, smart thermostats, and smart bulbs etc. which are smart phone controllable. These home alarm devices can be operated using mobile phones from anywhere. Since it is difficult for many seniors to move around, smartphone access for home appliances enables them to better manage their home without leaving their seats.

5· Provide Them Keychain Remote

Offer them keychain remotes  that have four different buttons that empower and facilitate the homeowners. These home alarm devices are best for elderly ones because this way they can operate and control their home without needing any external support.

6· Install Home Safety Devices

Home safety equipment saves homeowners from many types of home accidents. Fire, heart, freeze and CO poisoning threats are always there when different home appliances are used. These risks can prove to be fatal for your family if no precautions are taken. Therefore, install home safety devices to make sure your home and elder family members stay safe and happy at home.

Firefighters work together with smoke sensors to keep your home and family safe from any home fire. The smoke detector helps keep smoke/heat related events at bay. While the CO detectors offer you defense against carbon monoxide poisoning. Take good care of them as they’ve once done it for you.

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