How to Prevent House Fire

7 Ways to Prevent House Fires

There are about 4,500 home fires that the Fire and Rescue NSW registered in one year. This does not include data that goes unreported each year. Furthermore, home fires annually cause $7 billion property loss, the American Red Cross informed. Being careful about your home safety can help you prevent from adding to these statistics.

House fire is one of the worst nightmares one can have. Follow these 7 simple ways to prevent your house fires from occurring:

1. Maintain Your Smoke/Heat Detectors

Test batteries of your smoke/heat alarms each month. Check if they are functioning properly. If there is a problem, immediately call your home security systems company for replacement.

2. Check Stove and Other Equipment Before Sleeping

Although it seems cozy to sleep nearby a furnace or fireplace, but this is a highly dangerous practice that often becomes a cause to home fire. Do not leave your furnace and stove fired at night. Make sure they are turned off before you sleep.

3. Examine your Major Heating Sources

Whatever the sources of heat you use at home, an annual examination of all these sources can minimize home fire risks. Change your filters on monthly basis so that lint and dust is removed timely. Keep your space heaters at least three feet away from you.

4. Clean Your Stove and Other Kitchen Appliances

According to a report, 50 percent of home fires are caused due to kitchen stoves. Therefore, it is important to take care about the cleanliness of your stove and other kitchen appliances such as oven, toasters, microwave and gas grills.

Never leave anything combustible near the stove or your heat source. Do not hang dusters, kitchen towel or other cloths near the stove grills. Always keep your cookbooks away from your oven and stove.

5. Be Attentive When You Cook

When you cook something, do not let children or toddlers enter the kitchen. Attend to what you make. Mothers who try to multitask in the kitchen can end up burning their hands, face or house. Be extremely careful to avoid such fire incident.

6. Integrate a Smoke Detector

Modern technology has eased human life. It has also done a tremendous job to keep our families and loved ones protected. Now we can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that our smoke detector is turned on and is actively detecting smoke or heat for us. The Firefighter can trigger alarm for us and in case of any threatening situation or medical emergency, we can push the panic button to call for immediate help.

7. Go for Wireless Home Security Systems

Home security system solution providers offer equipment that can help us stay protected from house fire and other emergencies. Monitored home security systems keep our property safe even when we are not home. Wireless home security systems help you to keep away from electrical fire because of wires. These systems are considered safer than the others.

Get yourself better protected and live a life with a peace of mind with 24/7 protection.


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