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How to Protect Your Home and Family from a Break-in?

On average, there are 5 burglaries every minute in the United States. The breakdown of this means a home is broken into every 13 seconds. Most burglaries occur during summers and the peak hour for a burglar is from 10:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m., when most people are out for work. About 66% of all robberies and burglaries in the country are residential in nature. Homeowners and renters, both can be a property crime victim nowadays.

But there’s a silver lining in this dark cloud as 85% of home invasion burglaries can be prevented by following these simple but effective tips:

  1. Lock all Entry/Exit Doors

    One of the most common mistakes that people make is to keep their doors and windows open, says police. Unlocked doors and windows are open invitation for burglars to enter your home effortlessly. So, make it a habit to lock your home. Secure all your entry and exit doors with smart door locks. The keyless entry door lock makes sure your door is locked. Use your smartphone to enter from it.

  2. Get a Motion Detector

    Installing a motion detector near your entry points like front door, yard, lawn and garage etc. helps in keeping these places secure. Any suspicious entry or movement is detected while the motion detector is on guard. Latest motion detectors are based on Passive Infrared (PIR) technology that is sensitive to human motion and does not set the alarm if there is any pet movement in front of it.

  3. Install a Doorbell Camera

    Doorbell camera is recommended for you particularly, if you leave your kids and elderly at home. Don’t let them open the door to a stranger again. With smartphone access, the modern doorbell cameras allow you to view and speak with the person standing at your door through your smartphone from anywhere.

  4. Pretend You are Home

    9 in 10 convicts told police they liked to intrude homes more when they were sure homeowners were away or sleeping. Use smart energy devices like a smart bulb and smart plug to pretend that you are at home, when you are actually away or asleep. Thanks to new smart home technology, you can schedule smart bulb timings according to your ease. Same goes for the smart plug, smartphone control permits users to operate this device remotely from anywhere. Why not to use your smart plug to turn on your television and show that you are at home and awake? Stay safe!

  5. Purchase a Home Security System

    Did you know, your risks of becoming a victim increase to three times if you don’t have a smart home security system? A home security system ensures 24-hour monitoring of your home and surroundings, even when you are not home. Many home alarm system companies offer free equipment and a nominal monthly monitoring fee as well.

Enjoy a life with a peace of mind and stay protected!

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